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20 Years

While many firms have come and gone, changed names or changed direction – TGE Environmental Consulting and Management Services proudly celebrated its 20th “birthday” in the spring of 2014! We offer a heartfelt THANK YOU to our loyal Clients and staff that made this possible. As we enter our third decade of continued and uninterrupted service, TGE’s President and CEO (Robin Franks) said, “We are delighted to continue our mission of Client service while providing professional and quality-driven work products to our loyal Clients. The sustained trust our Clients have shown in us and in our work has made it possible for us to stay in business, stay relevant and provide innovation; while ensuring that our employees and their families realize stability brought about by a firm that cares.”

We would especially like to thank TIAA-CREF, a “Charter” Client that we have been proud to serve and one that places a high priority on value (quality) and performance excellence. While our Client base is varied (energy, lending, healthcare, education), we have maintained solid working relationships with key decision makers across the industries we serve. “Our Clients deserve quality, delivered on time and at a fair price (R. Franks.)” Like TIAA, our Charter (10 to 15+ year) Clients were (and remain) vital to our early and continued success. Among others, TGE proudly counts BBVA Compass Bank, Comerica Bank, Wells Fargo and JPMC as Charter Clients with diverse needs having been satisfied by TGE. From risk mitigation at the time of loan financing – to bank “branching” initiatives for these and other lenders, TGE has been actively involved and recognized as a strong competitor. Likewise, TGE has been a valued provider in review of “special” or “under-performing” loans that have held real estate as collateral – and a key provider of environmental consulting services to the lending community.

Given TGE’s local proximity to the world-renowned Houston Medical Center and the Energy Capital of the World, TGE enjoys long standing contracts and service agreements across these highly demanding and competitive industries. “To sustain these key relationships over our 20+ year history, superior safety programs are vital; rapid response with skilled people and quality equipment has become expected; and our willingness to support Client-defined scheduling has set TGE apart. We are quite aware that our Clients have many choices – we are proud to serve and fill niche needs when called upon (R. Franks)”. Thank you Memorial Hermann Healthcare, Shell Oil, Baker Hughes, National Oilwell Varco, Mantle Oil and Gas as well as many others that have relied upon TGE to deliver expected quality – in our early years and as we realize our 20 year anniversary.

Without TGE’s hardworking professionals (Key Managers and Staff alike), we would not be in a position to boast of our success today. “To be successful in this business is simple – care about your people so that they care about your Clients; a truly valued Client knows this and awards more business!” Other quotes from our Staff:

  • “We all get so close and learn so much – it really promotes teamwork and makes TGE a very welcoming place to work.”
  • “We are truly a team in that everyone wants to help one another no matter what the situation.”
  • “With ever-changing regulatory requirements, new technologies and techniques being advanced, as employees we gain knowledge pertinent to our specialized industry.”
  • “The work environment has greatly contributed to TGE’s success over the last 20 years.”

As we enter our third decade of business, we do so with the goal of identifying and attracting key talent and Staff with the desire to find a “home”; and seek an employer that respects the individual, promotes talent and recognizes hard work. We are always looking for new Clients to serve and to help us grow. TGE is constantly accepting business opportunities as well as resumes through our website; and we welcome new Clients that value our way of doing business – we await your call!

Finally, to share the success that we have enjoyed, and because it is the right thing to do, we continually seek ways to give back to the community – whether in support of Client-driven initiatives; or, as needs arise that are important to our Staff, we find time and resources to support giving of time and talent – and the needs are numerous. Serving to protect the environment and educate in our community in outreach events are popular team building efforts. Also, and of particular importance to the Management Team and Directors of TGE is the firm’s commitment to mentoring qualified Woman-Owned and other socially disadvantaged businesses to optimize success – theirs and ours alike. We do this by identifying the business need internally and within our network of Vendors and Clients, by forming Critical Alliances with these businesses so that we put their services to work for us; and by maintaining records to support these initiatives, which we share with our Clients and the community as the businesses grow.

Please join in our success for the next 20 years! Please contact us through our website; via social networking or by our main number 713-744-5800.