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Discovery Green

TGE’s involvement with the Discovery Green Park project began in 2005 as the environmental consultant for the park development team. Over the next several years, TGE assessed areas of historical concern, delineated seven impacted areas, conducted remediation, located and appropriately closed 11 USTs, conducted recycling of impacted soils, and developed in-situ treatment of petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soil/groundwater. All of TGE’s efforts were conducted in an unobtrusive and timely manner in coordination of infrastructure design, construction of park amenities, development of restaurants and completion of park finishes without project delays. In the end, to celebrate the successful redevelopment, TGE’s President Robin Franks, provided a contribution to support operational efforts at the Discovery Green Houston Downtown Park. According to Mrs. Franks, “the Discovery Green Park is an excellent resource for the community and a model for urban and brownsfield redevelopment.” TGE was named in the March/April 2009 Texas Architect as a contributor to the success of the Discovery Green Park development.