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Chemical and Pharmaceutical Consulting

TGE assists clients in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries with compliance and waste management consulting. Extensive experience and trained personnel results in expedited investigations and facility-specific, cost-effective solutions.

TGE’s comprehensive understanding of industry-specific regulations and operational challenges allows us to combine and offer multi-task/multi-discipline services, saving our clients time and money.

Solvent Manufacturing Facility (Houston, Texas)

When TGE’s client outgrew its facility (associated with known solvent impact), and opted to purchase a second plant with existing (although unknown) contamination, TGE assisted as necessary to investigate the property and identify risk associated with both locations. Given the client’s eventual purchase of the alternate site, TGE expedited investigation, characterization and remediation phases within associated state programs for both facilities. Both sites were determined impacted with both common and uncommon constituents of concern, requiring somewhat unique approaches to state managed case closure. Both sites were entered into the VCP program and closed under "risk-based" criteria.

Steel Plant and Industrial Coatings Operation (Houston Ship Channel)

TGE managed, supervised, and conducted project activities for this industrial client. As a result of re-development, compressor oil leaks and extensive PCBs contamination was determined across much of the site. As standard protocol, a health & safety plan was prepared prior to field activities. TGE worked within the USEPA self-implementation program while delineating shallow soil impact and presented an Affected Property Assessment Report (APAR) to the TCEQ for review and comment. This facility required remediation to meet goals of the VCP/TCEQ program.

Former Gooch Packing Plant (Abilene, Texas)

TGE conducted case closure for this 20+ acre, large-scale cattle rendering and transportation (trucking/shipment) industrial facility that was the site of a massive petroleum/hydraulic fluids release to soil, groundwater, and surface waters of the state. In consultation with the TCEQ, comprehensive remediation (after pump and treat methods proved ineffective) was managed via risk assessment. Final closure included plugging and abandonment of twenty-three (23) Site groundwater monitor wells and site decommissioning.

Former Chemical Manufacturing Facility (Houston, Texas)

TGE assisted its client in addressing compliance-oriented concerns related to spills and releases of regulated constituents to the environment (via ditches, surface soils, etc). Following characterization of such spills and materials, TGE instituted appropriate means of removal and disposal off site to the satisfaction of the state regulators and client.

Metal Plating Facilities (Texas, USA)

Due to notable experience handling concerns inherent to this business sector, resulting in an attained unique awareness of this industry, TGE was able to rapidly identify compliance concerns and associated waste management challenges to ensure expedited compliance by using TGE-prepared, industry-specific, auditing tools (checklists). TGE has conducted compliance assessments and waste management plans for these facilities, both active and abandoned, across the state of Texas.

Dry Cleaning Facilities (Nationwide)

TGE conducted comprehensive assessment, remediation, and waste management work related to this dry cleaning location, and prepared and refined auditing checklists for use to track use of solvents from purchase to waste stream disposal/recycle. This case was entered into the VCP following incomplete work by three prior consultants. Completed work has involved filming of the sewer discharge, piping and tracking of mixed plumes (solvent and hydrocarbon) off property, and creative use of sampling methodologies.