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TGE provides real estate development and growth support to clients through delivery of the highest quality due diligence studies, environmental management, compliance, decommissioning, and petroleum storage tank (PST) management services. Our customizable assessments and lender-approved reports make TGE a valuable resource for your commercial real estate due diligence needs. Expansive resources and decades of experience allow TGE to take on entire portfolios.

National Bank (San Antonio, Texas)

TGE was retained by this large confidential financial institution to conduct comprehensive environmental due diligence for a lender on a tract of land greater than 1300 acres in size near South Loop 410 in San Antonio, Texas. The Site’s history of long term E&P activity, oil and gas production, and former industrial use as a mine/quarry for road base aggregate necessitated identification of possible COC impact to the soil and groundwater. The Site contained in excess of 360 existing/former/plugged wells, multiple tank batteries, and multiple deep well/disposal facilities. A residential subdivision had been platted without prior history or abandoned well locations being considered. TGE designed and utilized reliable statistical methods and modeling to characterize and assess impact facilitating completion of AAI and preparation of reliable cost estimates for full clean-up of impacted soil and ground water and permanent closure/plugging of all non-compliant wells. TGE also used statistical analysis and modeling capabilities (in consideration of the development plan) to reduce liability and mitigate potential risk such that a fair indemnity position was possible and lender discount minimized at the time of asset management.

Greenstar Recycling (New Jersey, Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas)

Greenstar Recycling, a recycling facility with several plants nationwide, retained TGE to handle comprehensive environmental due diligence efforts, including asbestos and other built environment hazards, for a pending divestiture. TGE completed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Asbestos Consulting and Management, and Preliminary Compliance Reviews, as well as State/Federal file reviews for Greenstar Recycling facilities located in New Jersey, Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Based on preliminary compliance evaluations, TGE completed permitting, plans and training for Greenstar operations with regard to various federal and state regulations inclusive of SARA Title III, the Oil Pollution Prevention Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act in order to ensure that recycling operations industry-mandated compliance standards. Through the efforts and knowledge of TGE personnel, several Greenstar facilities were able to garner Stormwater No Exposure Certification; thus exempting them from further CWA provisions. TGE successfully implemented the necessary compliance tools for Greenstar to ensure protection for human health and the environment.

DH2OING Enterprises, Ltd (Houston, Texas)

TGE was engaged to perform real estate due diligence on nearly 8 acres of highly industrialized (urban core) land. TGE confirmed substantial groundwater impact by chlorinated solvents related to historical commercial uses near the property. Due to the presence of chlorinated solvents at levels greater than the applicable Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) assessment levels in groundwater on the adjoining impacted property, follow-on assessments (2007-2013) were performed in an effort to characterize Site soil and groundwater impact. Between 2007 and 2013, TGE complete installation and monitoring of 5 single-cased monitor wells, 2 temporary vapor monitor points, 1 double-cased monitor well and drilled 46 soil borings for comprehensive near source characterization. Other project endeavors included application to the Innocent Owner/Operator Program (IOP), numerous investigation derived waste removals, notification of adjoining property owners, utilization of groundwater contaminant modeling software, and responding to numerous TCEQ correspondence letters. In 2013 TGE successfully demonstrated that both groundwater impact and shallow surface soil impact by chlorinated solvents had originated solely from an off-site source and DH2OING Enterprises, Ltd received the final IOP Certificate.

Portfolio of Bulk Fuel Transport Facilities (Texas and Louisiana)

To ensure compliant and best management practices, TGE was contracted by the client to perform environmental due diligence on Client-owned properties. In an effort to provide Client with information regarding the environmental condition of these operating petroleum bulk facilities, TGE completed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, as well as State/Federal file reviews for various facilities located in Texas and Louisiana. During review of records/interviews conducted as part of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, TGE determined environmental concern with regard to historical site use, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) management practices, and/or issues with regard to waste management. TGE continues to provide remediation and corrective action consulting services to this company to mitigate environmental concerns and compliance issues at both owned and leased facilities.

Major US Bank Branching Program

TGE was engaged by this Fortune 100 lender to conduct comprehensive environmental due diligence at this former industrial property prior to re-development of the subject site as a bank branch. The work required on-site excavation and off-property management of historically impacted soils that contained a mixture of PCBs, TPH and heavy metals. TGE characterized the site and removed eight in-ground hydraulic lift systems; located and managed the removal and off-property transport for recycle of two grit traps and one “circular pit”; and completed pre-demolition asbestos surveys and abatement consulting within Site structures. Due to vapor intrusion concerns into the new building under variable conditions of temperature and pressure, a sub-slab vapor barrier/mitigation system was constructed at the Site, effectively ventilating transmissives and above and below the membrane and below the building slab. Thereafter, TGE completed indoor ambient air sampling prior to bank occupancy to support the owner’s desire to obtain LEED certification for the new building. TGE completed necessary state approvals for final “site closure”. TGE successfully provided its client with turn-key consulting on this project, expeditiously and successfully addressed all outstanding concerns and did so within the time frame established by the owner.

Mississippi Resources, LLC (Multiple Counties within Mississippi and Alabama)

TGE was retained by Mississippi Resources, LLC to conduct environmental due diligence assessments of 18 oil/gas well lease facilities located within Jefferson, Davis, Walthall, Covington, Jones and Lawrence counties in Mississippi in 2010, and 12 oil/gas leases located within Washington county, Alabama, and Greene and Pike counties in Mississippi in 2012. Project efforts for this client included expedited facility review, regulatory compliance inspection and comprehensive state agency regulatory file reviews. Likewise, TGE conducted naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) screening at each location. Per requirements of Mississippi OGB Statewide Rule (SWR) 69, to evaluate the magnitude of exposure rates at the ground surface and in the vicinity of oil field equipment, and to assess radiological conditions in the event of any accidents, spills and/or required equipment maintenance, TGE prepared detailed cost estimates and remediation plans for remediation of findings of environmental significance.

Former Conner Steel Products (San Angelo, Texas)

TGE, was requested by the confidential perspective buyer to perform comprehensive and expedited environmental due diligence prior to a pending real estate transaction involving multiple site locations. On a very compressed timetable, TGE successfully completed turn-key environmental due diligence (Phase I/II and vapor characterization) using ASTM compliant work plans. TGE completed all project activities within a time frame established by Client while simultaneously scheduling all on-site activities to prevent disruption to on-going manufacturing activities while maintaining proper personnel safety.