TGE Resources, Inc

Environmental Consulting and Management Services


Blue Lagoon Mining

TGE provides strategic services for helping clients achieve their environmental goals and objectives by offering risk assessments, pre-drilling site assessments, impact mitigation strategies, and environmental audits.

National Bank (San Antonio, Texas)

TGE was retained by this large, confidential, financial institution to conduct comprehensive environmental due diligence for a lender on a tract of land greater than 1,300 acres in size near South Loop 410 in San Antonio, Texas. The Site’s history of long term E&P activity, oil and gas production, and former industrial use as a mine/quarry for road base aggregate necessitated identification of possible COC impact to the soil and groundwater. The Site contained in excess of 360 existing/former/plugged wells, multiple tank batteries, and multiple deep well/disposal facilities. A residential subdivision had been platted without prior history or abandoned well locations being considered. TGE designed and utilized reliable statistical methods and modeling to characterize and assess impact facilitating completion of AAI and preparation of reliable cost estimates for full clean-up of impacted soil and ground water and permanent closure/plugging of all non-compliant wells. TGE also used statistical analysis and modeling capabilities (in consideration of the development plan) to reduce liability and mitigate potential risk such that a fair indemnity position was possible and lender discount minimized at the time of asset management.

Blue Lagoon (Miami, Florida)

TGE Resources performed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for five tracts of land within Waterford Business Park in Miami's Blue Lagoon area in 1995 and subsequent ESAs for additional tracts of land within the Waterford Business Park. The Phase I ESAs included investigation for the presence of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial and commercial waste or materials, such as petroleum hydrocarbons, chemicals, or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), surface expressions and/or structural supports for underground and/or aboveground storage tanks or other holding units, and reconnaissance of adjacent land use to identify potential environmental concern at the subject property.

Quarry (Brownfields) Redevelopment (Miami, Florida)

Since 1998, TGE has performed environmental efforts required for redevelopment of 100 acre+ former brownfield, which encompassed 10 tracts of land and formerly operated as a quarry and multi-use industrial property (including a steel mill) since the 1960s. TGE conducted environmental due diligence (prior to purchase by its client), Phase I/II ESAs, remediation consulting, agency interface, and final closure of this now fully developed Class A+ business park.