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Environmental Disaster Response

TGE has demonstrated experience in providing immediate and comprehensive disaster response to our clients in the wake of environmental emergencies caused by fires, damaging storms and hurricanes (including Hurricanes Katrina, Rita Tropical Storm Allison, and Hurricane Ike). Our knowledgeable and experienced staff provides guidance in preparedness planning, response strategies, and all aspects of recovery from natural hazards and disasters.

Mantle Oil & Gas, LLC - Accidental Well Blow-Out (Assumption Parish, Louisiana)

TGE responded (next day) to a massive release of millions of gallons of reserve that was discharged (under equipment failure) to a sensitive south Louisiana swamp/cane farm in Assumption Parish, Louisiana. This project required TGE to devise unique and creative strategies to control the ongoing release, to manage high/emergency-related costs, manage losses to the environment while communicating with the public and agency representatives to effect clean-up (while allowing ongoing farm use in the surrounding area). TGE designed and installed containment and remediation strategies (using phytoremediation, land farming, land treatment, irrigation, etc.) while continuing to demonstrate protectiveness for sensitive resources. While this project continues today, strategies used saved TGE’s client millions of dollars and expedited progress of the implementation of containment, remediation, and monitoring (air, water, soil, vegetation) plans; oversight of remediation efforts; and continuous water and soil monitoring for chemicals of concern. TGE coordinates and reports project efforts in general compliance with requirements and oversight of the Department of Natural Resources and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.

Before and After
Memorial Hermann Healthcare (Trauma Hospital) System Flood Recovery - Tropical Storm Allison, Hurricane Ike (Houston, Texas)

Quite possibly the most costly, single site bio-hazardous waste clean-up projects in U.S. history, with intrusion of millions of gallons of storm water into the Texas Medical Center campus, and catastrophic damage that shut down facility operations for the first time in almost 100 years, TGE was the first responder and prime contractor/consultant for all environmental assessment and cleanup work performed following this high profile disaster. TGE designed and implemented strategies for expedited bio-hazardous materials removal, managed and disposed of hazardous wastes, discharged residual storm water; and conducted real-time monitoring of climatological conditions, indoor air quality, and materials testing to allow safe resumption of services to the public.

TGE designed and implemented specialized HVAC and potable water equipment cleaning and re-commissioning; and also designed and oversaw mold/IEQ remediation efforts within affected areas, including sensitive operating rooms and critical and intensive care units. The staff of TGE worked overlapping shifts (24-hour coverage) for six weeks to assist in this effort. The project was audited and financed (in part) with FEMA (government) funds.

Museum District Loft Apartment Building (Houston, Texas)

Storm-related biological contamination within a high profile, newly-constructed upscale loft apartment building concerned developers and general contractors to engage TGE to determine the extent and cause of biological contamination within wall cavities, related to multiple construction defects. TGE was also charged with designing and overseeing remediation plan execution for removal of mold and associated building materials, and communicating ongoing plan implementation with residents. This project spanned almost 2 years, cost well into the millions of dollars, involved extensive coordination with contractors, subcontractors, engineers, and attorneys and led to related litigation support by TGE.

Multi-Venue Sports Arena (Houston, Texas)

Following the massive 2002 Tropical Storm Allison flood, TGE was retained to perform industrial hygiene assessment services at this sports facility, which suffered extensive damage during the storm and its aftermath. In accordance with an accelerated timeline, TGE assessed and mapped damage, specified removal, manage waste disposal and implemented/oversaw mold abatement for expedited facility recovery.

Bank-Owned Facilities, Multiple Healthcare Campuses and Strategic Assets (Across the Southeast U.S.)

As a pre-selected Team member and Master Services-contracted "first responder", TGE was (and remains) on the "ready" to respond with critical services immediately upon storm/hurricane-related events. With needs assessment-driven objectives, TGE served to ensure expedited, post-storm recovery and loss mitigation for multiple financial institutions, hospital campuses and Client-underwritten strategic assets across the Southeast U.S. Following the latest half-dozen storms that hit the U.S. Gulf Coast, TGE deployed skilled and uniquely-equipped professionals that executed pre-designed contingency plans that included comprehensive asbestos, biological and fungal (mold) assessment and accelerated mitigation/cleanup strategies to ensure that losses were minimized and control over adverse situations re-gained quickly. With 100s of properties involved over recent years, TGE’s staff and management is accustomed to coordinating with other trades, the documentation required to manage insurance recovery, and efforts needed to demonstrate good faith during disaster events to minimize loss.

Former W. R. Grace Vermiculite (“Libby Amphibole” asbestos) Processing Facility (Confidential Location, Texas)

Subject to USEPA (Region 6) cleanup action, this former vermiculite processing facility suffered soil contamination as a result of processing of asbestos-contaminated vermiculite from the famous mine in Montana. TGE performed due diligence efforts in the course of planning for the redevelopment of this heavy industrial, Brownfields property by entry of the property into the VCP program for mixed commercial/residential use. With historical industrial use by W. R. Grace, and asbestos vermiculite impact known, TGE conducted and managed numerous duties for its client in response to anticipated lender demands TGE’s efforts included comprehensive historical information gathering, agency contact, client representation, review and preparation of numerous plans and reports, site sampling for soil, air (personal and exposure), while managing stormwater and sediment. TGE functioned with client’s team of experts (including legal counsel) to represent client’s goals to maximize protection of human health and the environment.