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Environmental Consulting and Management Services

Military & Government Facilities

TXDOT Asbestos Remediation

TGE has partnered with contract administrators and worked directly with governmental agencies to provide a full range of environmental services, including due diligence and site closure. Our comprehensive approach and collaborative capabilities allow TGE to offer creative and cost efficient solutions for anything from hazardous waste disposal to remediation management.

TxDOT (Various Locations Throughout Texas)

TGE has provided environmental consulting services to TxDOT, under subcontract agreements, for a number of projects. Under such agreements, TGE has performed environmental consulting and management services including: asbestos survey and abatement planning; air quality monitoring; groundwater monitoring and file review coordination; environmental due diligence; remediation management; and multiple soil investigations/characterizations. TGE provided timely and reliable services, contributing to keeping costs down and meeting project goals and timelines for both TxDOT and the prime contractors.

Fort Bend County Maintenance (Fort Bend County, Texas)

Over a period of approximately three years, TGE conducted multiple compliance and waste management projects for this county, dealing primarily with regulated tank closure, risk-based assessment, storm water and hazardous materials disposal and compliance. TGE used facility-specific checklists, knowledge of state and federal rules and regulations and working knowledge of environmental compliance to survey projects such roads and bridges, vehicle/bus maintenance systems, and prison facilities.

Redevelopment for Housing Authority (Houston, Texas)

This large, 1200-unit low-income housing complex in one of Houston’s historic “ward” communities (owned by the Housing Authority of the City of Houston) was placed on the CERCLA list for investigation by the USEPA for lead in soils contamination. A Screening Site Inspection (SSI) was performed and remedial measures presented to the EPA for consideration. The site was successfully removed from potential Superfund consideration and representatives of TGE played a key role in many aspects of environmental project management to closure; from planning, historical review, sampling, regulatory negotiations, and preparation of technical documents with USEPA coordination. This project involved material considerations for asbestos and lead-based paint following CERCLA NFA prior to and during redevelopment for continued public housing.

Port of Houston Authority (Dredge Material Area, Houston, Texas)

TGE was retained to perform sampling and analysis at the Site prior to its development as a dredge material placement area. TGE conducted soil sampling to characterize contamination by arsenic, barium, lead, manganese, semi-volatile organic compounds and explosive compounds; and installation and monitoring of a series of groundwater monitoring wells.

Site Closure Management for Housing Authority (Houston, Texas)

TGE provided the Housing Authority of the City of Houston (HACH) with industrial hygiene and indoor air quality testing; assessment; historical land use research; asbestos and lead-based paint testing; and soil testing for hazardous materials under CERCLA for Allen Parkway Village located in Houston, Texas. TGE provided owner representation and corrective action management/oversight during the abatement of asbestos and lead-based paint and prepared close-out documentation and recordkeeping (data clearing house) for all projects.

Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority (Houston, Texas)

TGE was a key consultant in real property due diligence for “corridor” imminent domain activity by Metro. Activities involved a large mass transit corridor expansion initiative through completion of Limited Phase II ESAs for ten commercial parcels. This project also required compilation of suggested additional assessment/corrective actions and associated cost estimates to address identified subsurface concerns within the subject tracts in relation to planned construction of a mass transit corridor. Completion of project activities was required (and achieved) within a very short time frame to meet client deadlines requiring expedited laboratory sample analyses and project reporting.

Harris County Multi-Use Facility (Houston, Texas)

TGE served as Principal–in-charge for this Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) site for soil and groundwater characterizations and Affected Property Assessment Report (APAR) development documenting release sources and COCs; determined the extent of COCs; identified transport/exposure pathways; and recommended Remedy Standard B for the affected property in consideration of a plume management PCLE zone. Final case closure was achieved with maintenance of a physical barrier and quarterly, natural attenuation groundwater monitoring.