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Technical Environmental Services

TGE employs the use of adaptive sampling and analysis programs that rely on real-time data collection technologies and in-field decision support to guide the course of characterization and/or remediation work. One advantage of this method is the ability to combine characterization with remediation activities in one fieldwork cycle.

Solid Waste Dump Response – Houston Metroplex (Houston, Texas)

TGE responded upon discovery of 20+ years of unauthorized “dumping” (by trespass) of 10s of thousands of tons of mixed solid waste at a client-owned property positioned along the steeply sloped (and erosive) banks of the Brazos River near Houston Texas. Owned by a highly respected, charitable (private) foundation, TGE coordinated state and local agencies in conveying facts of the case while mitigating risk of possible (and multiple) violations being levied against the owner. With possible violations successfully (and favorably) managed, emergency mitigation measures were executed to control downslope waste release to the river and approval secured to address long term extraction of the total waste volume with the goal being unrestricted property use thereafter. Without any event of loss, TGE used site-specific engineering design strategies, re-stabilized the river bank, controlled degradation of local resources and implemented emergency/contingency measures for unknowns within the waste accumulation. Having first assessed the material using geophysical methods for buried (and possibly explosive) hazards, TGE located and removed underground storage tanks, hundreds of buried barrels, thousands of tires, apparent pesticide-related materials, asbestos waste and metal debris along with affected soils while simultaneously reclaiming excavated areas with clean fill to re-form the river bank and protect it from erosion. With previous waste characterized for a broad spectrum of chemicals and clean-up confirmation testing proving the work complete, the site eventually received commended “case closed” status from Fort Bend County.

National Bank (San Antonio, Texas)

TGE was retained by this large confidential financial institution to conduct comprehensive environmental due diligence for a lender on a tract of land greater than 1300 acres in size near South Loop 410 in San Antonio, Texas. The Site’s history of long term E&P activity, oil and gas production, and former industrial use as a mine/quarry for road base aggregate necessitated identification of possible COC impact to the soil and groundwater. The Site contained in excess of 360 existing/former/plugged wells, multiple tank batteries, and multiple deep well/disposal facilities. A residential subdivision had been platted without prior history or abandoned well locations being considered. TGE designed and utilized reliable statistical methods and modeling to characterize and assess impact facilitating completion of AAI and preparation of reliable cost estimates for full clean-up of impacted soil and ground water and permanent closure/plugging of all non-compliant wells. TGE also used statistical analysis and modeling capabilities (in consideration of the development plan) to reduce liability and mitigate potential risk such that a fair indemnity position was possible and lender discount minimized at the time of asset management.

Former Vermiculite ("Libby Amphibole" asbestos) Processing Facility (San Antonio, Texas)

Subject to USEPA (Region 6) cleanup action, this former vermiculite processing facility suffered soil contamination as a result of processing of asbestos-contaminated vermiculite from the famous mine in Montana. TGE performed due diligence efforts in the course of planning for the redevelopment of this heavy industrial, Brownfields property by entry of the property into the VCP program for mixed commercial/residential use. With historical industrial use and asbestos vermiculite impact known, TGE conducted and managed numerous duties for the client in response to anticipated lender demands TGE’s efforts included comprehensive historical information gathering, agency contact, client representation, review and preparation of numerous plans and reports, site sampling for soil, air (personal and exposure), while managing stormwater and sediment. TGE functioned with client’s team of experts (including legal counsel) to represent client’s goals to maximize protection of human health and the environment.

Confidential Fortune 500 Industrial Client (North and South America)

Since 2008, TGE has completed numerous release determination investigations for the presence of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) in support of multiple clients. Work has encompassed 200+ locations in 49 countries on six continents.  Based on NORM levels found, TGE provides remediation guidance/plans/estimates and conducts oversight for NORM impacted soil/waste remediation. TGE has completed numerous NORM release determinations, numerous compliance audits, remediation and hazardous materials management consulting projects throughout Texas, Oklahoma, California, New Mexico, Wyoming and Argentina. Likewise, TGE has prepared cost estimates to comply with corporate liability reporting requirements on an annual basis.

Mantle Oil & Gas, LLC - Accidental Well Blow-Out(Assumption Parish, Louisiana)

TGE responded (next day) to a massive release of millions of gallons of reserve that was discharged (under equipment failure) to a sensitive south Louisiana swamp/cane farm in Assumption Parish, Louisiana. This project required TGE to devise unique and creative strategies to control the ongoing release, to manage high/emergency-related costs, manage losses to the environment while communicating with the public and agency representatives to effect clean-up