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Industrial Hygiene Consulting

At TGE we provide our manufacturing industry clientele with environmental services throughout the operational lifecycle: from real estate due diligence to permitting and regulatory compliance; through site closure/remediation, decommissioning and redevelopment. TGE provides innovative solutions to the management and handling of hazardous and non-hazardous materials, waste generation, and re-use of recyclable commodities or byproducts.

Global Medical Device Company (Lewisville, Texas)

In response to a report of the presence of visible/laboratory confirmed fungus (mold), TGE was retained by this global medical device company to evaluate air in connection with a designated ISO Class 7 cleanroom and associated mechanical systems. TGE performed a comprehensive evaluation that included investigation for possible evidence of moisture intrusion and related collateral mold damage. TGE ascertained that untreated warm air had entered the warehouse when a loading dock access point was in use. Upon contact with the cooler mechanical system components, the warm, untreated air formed condensate upon surfaces that formed the perimeter of the cleanroom. This moisture (unseen) eventually saturated the wallboard, increased the relative humidity to near 90% and impacted mechanical systems (and arrestance capabilities). TGE performed all assessments in accordance with the framework of ISO Class 7 cleanroom regulatory specifications and identified concentrations of mold/fungal species indicating the need for immediate remediation of mold-impacted materials, which were initiated on an emergency response basis with TGE's guidance. TGE designed and recommended a corrective action plan for this client to ensure that ISO Class 7 requirements were achieved and the cleanroom brought back into operation as quickly as possible minimizing operational interruption and productivity-related losses.

Industrial Steel Manufacturing Facility (Houston, Texas)

Following site characterization by means of soil and groundwater assessment, this property was subject to remediation of surface and subsurface soil via the TCEQ VCP program. TGE was successful at identifying, calculating and negotiating certain background concentrations for inorganic compounds of concern and removing select areas of soil impacted by organic constituents (solvent and petroleum hydrocarbons) from the property. Areas of the site, which were formerly affected, were allowed to be re-developed and utilized without restrictions.

Soap Manufacturing Facility (Houston, Texas)

Following operational violations at the facility and complaints by neighboring facilities, TGE assisted in bringing this facility into operational compliance by finding solutions for waste water processing, storm water discharge, and hazardous materials management. TGE completed necessary plans and provided valuable materials management tools to maintain operational efficiency, as well as compliance with local, state and federal rules and statutes.

Metal Plating Industry (Throughout Texas)

Due to heightened compliance requirements in the state of Texas for the metal plating industry, TGE used its notable experience in dealing with concerns inherent to this business sector to develop special auditing checklists and an awareness of this industry, allowing for rapid identification of compliance concerns and associated waste management challenges. TGE conducted compliance assessments and waste management plans for these facilities, both active and abandoned, across the state of Texas.

Former Warehouse Distribution And Grocery Facility (Beaumont, Texas)

TGE was retained to investigate subsurface conditions at this abandoned warehouse prior to purchase of the facility by its client. Following installation of a series of monitor wells and soil borings, it was determined that a large hydrocarbon plume and free-phased product is present which has migrated onto off site property, including the interstate right-of-way. TGE managed the removal of measurable product and closing of this site through the state PST program with natural attenuation and ground water monitoring.

Former W. R. Grace Vermiculite ("Libby Amphibole" asbestos) Processing Facility (San Antonio, Texas)

Subject to USEPA (Region 6) clean-up action, this former vermiculite processing facility suffered soil contamination as a result of processing of asbestos-contaminated vermiculite from the famous mine in Montana. TGE performed due diligence efforts in the course of planning for the redevelopment of this heavy industrial, Brownfields property by entry of the property into the VCP program for mixed commercial/residential use. With historical industrial use by W. R. Grace, and asbestos vermiculite impact known, TGE conducted and managed numerous duties for its client in response to anticipated lender demands. TGE's efforts included comprehensive historical information gathering, agency contact, client representation, review and preparation of numerous plans and reports, site sampling for soil, air (personal and exposure), while managing stormwater and sediment. TGE functioned with client's team of experts (including legal counsel) to represent client's goals to maximize protection of human health and the environment.