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At TGE we provide innovative solutions to a variety of environmental issues for our clients in the commercial and retail industries. From initial construction and renovation, to maintenance and demolition/closure, our highly trained professionals will help ensure that your project is conducted in accordance with local and federal environmental regulations and completed on time, at or below budget.

AstroWorld/Six Flags Theme Parks (Houston, TX)

The staff of TGE Resources, Inc. was key in the decommissioning and conversion of the Six Flags theme park into raw land for redevelopment. TGE conducted extensive efforts designed to identify, address and remove hazardous materials prior to demolition. TGE's participation in the project included performance and oversight asbestos assessment, abatement consulting, and project coordination for the removal of asbestos building materials from over 250 structures of varying sizes and construction types. TGE also prepared written protocols for use by the Theme Park to effectively clean, manage and/or dispose of contaminated equipment, and building finishes.

Major League Sports Stadium (Houston, Texas)

Due to periodic moisture intrusion and contractor specification requirements, TGE was contracted to inspect the facility during various stages of construction of the retractable roof stadium for biological contamination. TGE conducted IEQ testing and communicated with the construction contractor to establish procedures to prevent mold losses and damage to building materials both during and after installation. TGE delineated the extent of specific damage and provided remedial measures to correct concerns.

Major Commercial/Residential Insurance Providers (Texas and Louisiana)

Since 1999, TGE has conducted hundreds of IEQ/mold-related projects for major insurance companies (both commercial and residential) throughout Texas and Louisiana. Project efforts included all elements typical of the IEQ field including survey, preparation of the remediation protocol, project oversight during abatement, post-remedial testing, and litigation support. Most project efforts aimed to identify source(s) of moisture intrusion into the built environment, the specific biological contaminant, and to ensure that, once remediated, the source of moisture and mold were removed. TGE assisted in cost-savings and significantly shortened the length of time necessary to complete this work with practical sampling methods and defensible technological approaches. TGE has performed numerous asbestos consulting and IEQ (mold) projects for more than 25 medical professional office buildings throughout the Houston Metroplex. Such projects involved turn-key IEQ surveys and remediation oversight, as well as comprehensive asbestos project management and close-out prior to renovation activity.

Numerous Automobile Dealerships (Houston, Beaumont and Austin Metropolitan Areas of Texas)

Given the specialized needs of the auto industry, TGE's thorough knowledge of industry-specific regulations, and ability to manage all aspects of projects that originate from such operations, TGE has become a highly sought resource. TGE consults in and manages (petroleum storage tank) PST closure projects and performs environmental real estate acquisition/compliance in the monitoring and closure of PSTs. TGE has worked closely with this client to meet the state's statutory deadline for reporting and "grandfathering" such concerns under former clean-up values.

Major Auto Parts Retailer (Throughout the Continental U.S.)

TGE was retained to conduct full ASTM Environmental Site Assessments and Compliance Audits of 81 auto parts facilities across the U.S. for mortgage/refinance of these sites. TGE was successful at completing this work within one month utilizing its in-house staff of assessors and managers.

Dry Cleaning Facilities

TGE conducted numerous compliance and waste management assessments for both the dry cleaning industry and the financial institutions that finance their operations. TGE prepared and refined an auditing checklist for these facilities that tracks solvent from purchase to waste stream disposal/recycle. TGE routinely provides suggested compliance considerations to maintain good standing with regulators. TGE also provides best management practice suggestions to save cost to the operation and minimize waste, and also provides information to limit discharge/spills to the environment.

Walmart Stores, Inc. (Locations Nationwide)

TGE serves Walmart as an on-call consultant for a wide variety of asbestos and indoor air quality services across the U.S. Projects included the performance of numerous indoor air quality investigations with successful identification and resolution of underlying causes, forensic full scale fungal/bioaerosol site sampling and characterization efforts due to employee complaint, site construction management and preparation and implementation of Infection Control Plans due to known/visible concerns.

American Door Products (Houston, Texas)

TGE acted as principal in charge of site soil and groundwater characterizations and development of a final Affected Property Assessment Report (APAR), filed with the TCEQ that documented release sources and COCs, determined the extent of COCs, identified transport/exposure pathways, and recommended Standard B case management inclusive of a physical barrier, quarterly groundwater monitoring under a Plume Management Zone, consultation with the Union Pacific RR to remove abandoned railroad ties, and contingencies in case of plume growth or other adverse developments.

Teas Nursery (Conroe, Texas)

TGE was retained by Client to complete the TCEQ-requested TRRP screening process following removal of a PST (by others). TGE conducted a Limited Phase II ESA that was designed to preliminarily characterize soil and groundwater due to historical/current operations occurring at the Site and adjacent properties.

Former Auto Salvage Yard (San Antonio, Texas)

As a result of Site soil and groundwater investigations, TGE filed a final APAR with the TCEQ that documented an absence of COCs in excess of applicable assessment levels. TGE recommended the TCEQ issue a letter stating that no further action is necessary for the subject property.