TGE Resources, Inc

Environmental Consulting and Management Services

Transportation and Maritime

TXDOT Transportation

Strategically located on the Gulf Coast, TGE provides regulatory compliance consulting for transportation and maritime-related industries. We have provided these services to the government and to clients in both the private and public sectors. Services provided to transportation and maritime clients have included risk assessments, industrial hygiene consulting, compliance auditing and remediation consulting; as well as regulatory permitting, environmental due diligence and petroleum storage tank consulting and management services.

All remediation efforts are carried out with minimal interruptions to operations.

TxDOT (Throughout Texas)

TGE has assisted TxDOT (as a qualified WBE) in pursuing regulatory closure of underground petroleum storage tank (PST) issues at numerous rights-of-way projects throughout the State of Texas. Services provided included compilation of detailed health and safety plans; performance, testing and reporting of PST removals; routine quarterly groundwater monitoring; mobile dual-phase extraction events; passive recovery of phase-separated hydrocarbons; and petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soil characterization and management. This project also required rapid response/mobilization and reporting to meet TxDOT scheduling requirements to prevent construction project delays.

TGE completed asbestos consulting services under a subcontract agreement for the Texas Department of Transportation-Four Bridges located in Southeast Texas. TGE has conducted initial asbestos inspections for two of the four bridges; prepared asbestos abatement specifications for all four bridges (to be implemented by the asbestos abatement contractor); conducted abatement oversight; on-site air monitoring and on-Site PCM laboratory analysis.

Former Industrial Cleaning/Barge Maintenance

The property required environmental due diligence services following the burial of regulated paint waste and asbestos debris by former facility employees. TGE managed clean-up of waste materials and brought this facility into compliance by identifying, characterizing, removing and disposing of regulated wastes to appropriate facilities. TGE facilitated these efforts between client counsel and TCEQ representatives. This project has resulted in “clean closure” of all material, and final closure of this project with no further action.

Marine Services Facility (Channelview, Texas)

TGE completed extensive historical review, preliminary testing, exploratory trenching, sampling delineation and overall project management within a 75+ acre industrial property along the Houston Ship Channel (Channelview, Harris County). TGE’s clients determined that a former employee had apparently demolished and buried asbestos debris within two separate areas of the Site as well as hundreds of barrels of industrial coatings, paints (heavy metals) and marine containers across a large expanse of the site. TGE began its efforts with client counsel under a strict enforcement proceeding imposed upon its client by the TCEQ. Initial project efforts involved expedited project planning, regulatory negotiation, review of applicable statutes, preparation of necessary worker protection, air monitoring, stormwater, dust control/suppression and HASP planning. TGE relied heavily upon employee interview, historical information and topographic knowledge of the area relative to surrounding grade via aerial photographs and historical elevation records. Following data gathering, TGE excavated numerous trenches across the most probable areas of burial and successfully identified at least four areas which would be subject to waste removal and over-excavation. Waste characterization, profiling and disposal was planned and initiated for off-property removal of asbestos waste, RCRA metals-laden soils and SVOC impacted materials. TGE achieved clean closure of this industrial case without the necessity for deed recordation or restricted use of the site. TGE planned, implemented and managed all necessary efforts and the site was issued a letter of no further action by the TCEQ.

Continental Airlines (Houston, Texas)

Underground bulk jet fuel storage systems needed to be removed and retrofitted and regulated fuel releases need to be addressed as a result of an airport expansion project. TGE prepared scope of work, conducted site characterization (monitor well installation) and evaluation of groundwater conditions at the site within airport runway areas and operational areas of the site. TGE also prepared state deliverables (reports) and represented the client during agency conference. Work was completed after hours with temporary lighting so as not to conflict with terminal and runway use.