TGE Resources, Inc

Environmental Consulting and Management Services


TGE possesses the multidisciplinary expertise necessary to manage the environmental requirements related to every sector of the oil and gas industry. From divestiture and acquisition to development and operations, TGE offers a full range of comprehensive environmental consulting and management services and delivers cost effective solutions to meet our clients’ current and future environmental and regulatory goals.

Downstream Environmental Compliance

Lube/Oil Distribution and Storage Facilities (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas)

TGE completed better than 10 site reviews and compliance assessments for this integrated petroleum marketing company that supplies the transportation industry and government agencies with petroleum products (bulk wholesale fuel, retail fuel, lubricants, chemicals and other petroleum products). Assessment recommendations included proper labeling for used oil storage, updating site SPCC plans to incorporate current Site operations, and closing an unused oil/water separation lagoon following ODEQ requirements. Given the potential for petroleum hydrocarbon impact to stormwater runoff, TGE also recommended the implementation of a storm water pollution prevention plan.

Petroleum and Fuel Products Storage and Distribution Company (Houston, Texas)

TGE was notified of an emergency situation (spill) at a large retail location. This site managed three underground fuel tanks dispensing various grades of gasoline. TGE provided suggestions for emergency agency notifications, abatement measures, and system management. Through a series of tightness tests and systems retrofits, the systems were operational within two days. However, a release (spill) of better than 2,500 gallons of fuel had occurred. TGE guided the owner to immediate removal of much of the fuel by the installation of recovery wells and product recovery (skimmer) systems. TGE worked closely with the notified agencies to meet emergency as well as remediation requirements. As a follow-up to the release, a full records audit was conducted, both to evaluate the volume of product lost and to provide recommendations to improve recordkeeping.

Regional Bulk Fuels Distribution and Storage Company (Texas and Oklahoma)

Prior to sales of these facilities to a Houston-based investment firm, TGE was retained to conduct comprehensive compliance audits of nine major bulk fuel facilities. With the use of industry specific checklists and with reference to state-required rules and regulations specific to this industry, TGE was able to identify select non-compliance issues and indicate the need for corrective action prior to purchase and operation of these facilities by client.

Numerous Former/Existing Commercial and Industrial Petroleum Storage Tank Facilities (Texas, Oklahoma, Florida)

TGE has achieved closure under state programs, following site characterization and clean-up (remediation) projects and compliance alignment efforts, for various petroleum storage tank owners and operators. These projects have involved remediation efforts from such as minimal soil removal following tank retrofit to comprehensive design and system installation for removal of product.

Former Extreme Detail (Houston, Texas)

TGE coordinated the removal of three petroleum storage tanks (PSTs) at this site consisting of 1,400-square feet of land associated with a former gasoline facility. As a result of additional characterization efforts, TGE identified PST-related contaminants of concern (COCs) in site groundwater above applicable regulatory thresholds. TGE prepared notifications, coordinated installation of monitoring wells, developed a Remediation Action Plan (RAP), conducted quarterly soil and groundwater efforts, and completed subsequent closure documentation.

Portfolio of Bulk Fuel Transport Facilities (Texas and Louisiana)

To ensure compliance and best management practices, TGE was contracted by the client to perform environmental due diligence on Client-owned properties. In an effort to provide the Client with information regarding the environmental condition of these operating petroleum bulk facilities, TGE completed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, as well as State/Federal file reviews for various facilities located in Texas and Louisiana. During records review /interviews conducted as part of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, TGE determined environmental concern with regard to historical site use, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) management practices, and/or issues with regard to waste management. TGE continues to provide remediation and corrective action consulting services to this company to mitigate environmental concerns and compliance issues at both owned and leased facilities.