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TGE’s team of professionals possess the talent and experience necessary to fulfill the environmental needs of our oil and gas industry clients. TGE’s multidisciplinary capabilities allow us to offer our oil and gas industry clients complete lifecycle capabilities including: real estate due diligence; permitting; regulatory compliance reviews; design, implementation, and oversight of remediation and corrective action efforts; naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) screening, waste management, and remediation services; industrial hygiene and built-environment services; and litigation support services to name a few.  TGE’s responsive and innovative, value-added solutions to complex facility and operations issues set us apart from our industry counterparts.

Packard Pipe Terminal (Belle Chase, Louisiana)

TGE performed comprehensive NORM services at this location including NORM assessment, collection and analysis of field samples, delineation of “hot spots” within the active/operating pipe yard, preparation of technical reports, agency conference, seller/consultant negotiation, preparation of cost estimates, review of opposing estimates, preparation of remediation specifications and final case closure that was designed to remove NORM permit requirements associated with this yard at the time of divestiture.

Confidential (Worldwide) Tubular Supplier (U.S. & International)

TGE completed release determination investigations for the presence of naturally occurring radioactive materials "NORM" located at twenty (20) facilities throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico in the United States and internationally (Argentina). The purpose of these assessments was to screen, assess and report regarding the presence of NORM in surface soils. Based on NORM screening, secondary soil assessment was conducted for subsequent analytical characterization at multiple sites. TGE oversaw the limited remediation of NORM impacted areas.

Constellation Energy (Texas)

TGE was retained by Constellation Energy and its counsel during due diligence efforts surrounding a sale of multiple lease locations by a mid-sized oil company. The presence of massive quantities of NORM sludge and impacted waste water had accumulated throughout the life of the fields, impacting the local environment and resulting in off-property migration of chlorides and even NORM. For purposes of determining the financial liability that would fall upon the buyer at the eventual point of facility closure, TGE was retained to conduct thorough review of NORM wastes (screening and analytical testing of multiple media), perform agency conference on client’s behalf and establish compliance requirements that would apply to each property within the scope of work at the time of the transaction and thereafter. TGE was requested to prepare comprehensive cost estimates that were utilized by environmental economists to carry forward through the life of the fields and facilities until eventual closure in 30 to 40 years.

Oil Well Equipment Manufacturer (Houston, Texas)

TGE conducted a remedial investigation at this globally recognized oil well company, whose casing and drill pipe manufacturing facility had petroleum and chlorinated hydrocarbon impacted soil at several isolated locations within the subject property. TGE prepared a comprehensive report that included various remedial options to comply with TCEQ Risk Reduction Rules. The report also included recommendations for various cost-effective environmental material handling options.

Solvent/Fuels Distribution Company (Houston, Texas)

TGE conducted a compliance assessment of the 12-acre lubrication oils and fuels bulk storage/distribution facility. This distributor operates with 58 aboveground petroleum storage tanks (PSTs). Assessment recommendations included permanent removal of two underground PSTs and annual environmental compliance audit to confirm that site operations are conducted in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local rules/requirements, as well as industry best management practices.

Former Houston Light & Power- Spring Branch Service Center (Houston, Texas)

As a result of previous site investigations conducted by TGE and others, in association with a former site LPST, TGE began corrective actions on-site and quarterly groundwater monitoring. TGE completed documents and consultation with the TCEQ and completed final closure activities.