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Environmental Consulting and Management Services


Upstream Environmental Site AssessmentWith a proven track record in supplying environmental expertise and expanded services to the oil and gas exploration and production industry, TGE’s multidisciplinary capabilities allow us to offer our oil and gas clients complete lifecycle solutions including: real estate due diligence; permitting; regulatory compliance reviews; design, implementation, and oversight of remediation and corrective action efforts; naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) screening, waste management, and remediation services; industrial hygiene and built-environment services; and litigation support services to name a few.

Mantle Oil & Gas, LLC (Assumption Parish, Louisiana) - Accidental Well Blow-Out

TGE responded (next day) to a massive release of millions of gallons of reserve that was discharged (under equipment failure) to a sensitive south Louisiana swamp/cane farm in Assumption Parish, Louisiana. This project required TGE to devise unique and creative strategies to control the ongoing release, to manage high/emergency-related costs, manage losses to the environment while communicating with the public and agency representatives to effect cleanup (while allowing ongoing farm use in the surrounding area). TGE designed and installed containment and remediation strategies (using phytoremediation, land farming, land treatment, irrigation, air curtain incineration, etc.) while continuing to demonstrate protectiveness for sensitive resources. While this project continues today, the strategies employed thus far have saved TGE’s client millions of dollars and have expedited the progress of containment, remediation, and monitoring (air, water, soil, vegetation) plans. TGE coordinates and reports project efforts in general compliance with requirements and oversight of the Department of Natural Resources and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.

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Large National Bank

TGE conducts ~75 real estate transactions per year for these major lenders. This work has involved assessment of operating oil/gas (or historically operating) property. As an effort of such assessment, thorough oil and gas review, which includes compliance reviews and a cost estimation of apparent release/damage, is performed. The review process is coordinated through the lender’s environmental risk management, trust departments, or foreclosure groups. Oil and gas lease information is obtained from various state agencies for real property known to have current/historical oil and gas exploration/production activity. Surveys performed have ranged from small tracts of land to 6,000+ acre tracts. Ancillary services also include NORM assessment, geophysical assessment, Conceptual Cost Estimating, Phase II ESAs, remediation oversight, and regulatory case closure on behalf of the fiduciary/financial institution.

Mississippi Resources, LLC (Multiple Counties within Mississippi and Alabama)

TGE was retained by Mississippi Resources, LLC to conduct environmental due diligence assessments of 18 oil/gas well lease facilities located within Jefferson, Davis, Walthall, Covington, Jones, and Lawrence counties in Mississippi in 2010, and 12 oil/gas leases located within Washington county, Alabama, and Greene, and Pike counties in Mississippi in 2012. Project efforts for this client included expedited facility review, regulatory compliance inspection, and comprehensive state agency regulatory file reviews. Likewise, TGE conducted naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) screening at each location. Per requirements of Mississippi OGB Statewide Rule (SWR) 69 to evaluate the magnitude of exposure rates at the ground surface and in the vicinity of oil field equipment, and to assess radiological conditions in the event of any accidents, spills and/or required equipment maintenance, TGE prepared detailed cost estimates and remediation plans for remediation of findings of environmental significance.

Bargo Oil Company (Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, and Oklahoma)

As part of a large scale divestiture of over 2,000 well sites and facilities, TGE conducted due diligence assessments of former Texaco oil/gas well lease locations and associated facilities located within Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Project efforts included not only well site inspection, but also full assessment of ancillary facilities such as disposal sites, pipe yards, chemical storage areas, and refinery operations. Many of the assessed fields were associated with hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and NORM concerns; making Health & Safety project management, staff training, and situation awareness unique priorities. TGE’s final report included a “costs to cure” analysis of environmental liabilities for each property; these included NORM waste management and remediation estimates, ultimately the largest cost item of the transaction and a financial liability not previously considered by TGE’s client. As a result of project efforts, a substantial price reduction for the lease package was realized for TGE’s client.

International Equipment and Oilfield Service Company Facilities (throughout US and Argentina)

TGE was engaged to complete environmental services and management initiatives at several pipe/tubular facilities located in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, California, Wyoming, and Argentina. TGE completed comprehensive environmental compliance, environmental assessment and screening for naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM); testing, remediation planning, contractor coordination, remediation oversight and final client reporting (and/or agency deliverable preparation) for over 100 target portfolio sites that are periodically (annually) evaluated as part of real property operation acquisition and divestiture. Field activities have involved risk assessment and release determination investigations for the presence of oilfield wastes as well as NORM at numerous infield service yards (both leaseholds and corporate owned). Assessments are conducted at select locations (annually) to screen, assess, report and remediate for the presence of contamination, waste materials and NORM within surface and sub-surface soils in accordance with applicable federal and state agency requirements, as well as corporate management plans designed for worker protection and environmental compliance.

Publicly Owned Fortune 100 Oil and Gas Company (Florida Everglades, USA)

TGE conducted comprehensive well site, facility assessment and compliance review within numerous operating fields in the sensitive Florida Everglades environment. Project efforts typical of these assessments included well head review, facility review (refineries, tank facilities, tubular inspection facilities, service yards, etc.). As a result of owner record review, TGE identified certain waste management practices that were being conducted in non-compliance with local, state and federal rules. TGE worked closely with owner representatives to rectify former practices to minimize liability to client prior to lease/hold acquisition. With other client experts, TGE also assisted in preparation of financial models for environmental liabilities and risks for non-compliance; estimates were also used for hold back at the time the transaction was finalized.

Packard Pipe Terminal – Formerly Operated by Halliburton (Belle Chase, Louisiana)

TGE conducted NORM assessment, cleanup consulting, and site permit retirement consulting over an approximately two year period for this 79 acre acquisition target on behalf of the client. Project efforts included collection and analysis of field samples, delineation of “hot spots” within the active/operating oil field pipe yard, preparation of technical reports, agency conference, seller/consultant negotiation, preparation of cost estimates, review of opposing estimates, and preparation of remediation specifications. Final case closure was designed and achieved to remove long term NORM permit requirements (State of Louisiana) associated with this yard at the time of divestiture. Site activities were completed without exception and in favor of releasing permit liability requirements.