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Emergency & Disaster: Spill Response and Recovery

Environmental Disaster Response

Despite preparation of thorough contingency strategies, some spill emergencies and environmental disasters cannot be foreseen. TGE provides emergency spill response services for virtually any type of spill, including oil, fuel, chemical, and other hazardous materials. In addition to considerable disaster response and recovery expertise, TGE provides Master Level Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) capabilities and incident commander services as needed.

Emergency Spill Response Services

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At TGE, the goal of our emergency and disaster response services is to minimize damage to human health and the environment as well as to minimize our clients’ loss and liability. To accomplish this, the TGE team mobilizes people and equipment within a matter of hours, working around the clock to ensure containment, proper industry standard and “best practice” corrective action is implemented.

Representing our clients in every stage of response and remediation, our team of experts manages and coordinates spill containment efforts with all regulatory bodies, environmental service contractors, and emergency response teams. Utilizing our extensive network of like-minded vendors and service companies, we perform and manage the following emergency spill response actions, to name a few:

  • Development of Containment Strategies
  • Sampling and Analysis of Site Media
  • Wastestream Profiling
  • EPA Waste (Code) Determination
  • Transportation of Wastes
  • Waste Treatment and Disposal
  • Remediation Summary Report to Clients and Regulators
  • Post-Closure Sampling and Analysis


Extensive knowledge of governmental remediation programs allows our team to select the most advantageous and cost-efficient course of action for our clients.

Extensive industry experience and TGE’s central optimal Southeast U.S. (central) location make TGE a top resource for emergency spill response management and clean-up services. View some of our previous emergency oil spill containment and clean-up work here.