TGE Resources, Inc

Environmental Consulting and Management Services

Petroleum Storage Tank Removal & Environmental Remediation

Potential leaks and contamination make Underground storage tanks (USTs) significant liabilities to property owners and operators. Our team of licensed and experienced professionals provide consulting and management services spanning the entire petroleum storage tank life cycle, including installation, monitoring, removal, and remediation/closure.

Environmental Remediation and Closure

PST Removal

Due to the propensity of USTs to experience leakage at some point, TGE frequently leads UST corrective action and/or removal efforts for its clients. Underground storage tanks are regulated on both a federal and state level; TGE conducts all UST-related projects in compliance with overriding federal, state and local regulatory frameworks, some of which include: the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA); Resources Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA); and the Voluntary Cleanup Program(VCP).

In addition to developing remediation plans and orchestrating the excavation, our scientists prepare and submit all necessary reports and applications to the respective regulatory agencies. Below is a list of some of the post-closure, environmental remediation services we provide to gain a “No Further Action” status:

  • Soil Sampling and Testing
  • Soil Boring Installations
  • Well Installation and Monitoring
  • Groundwater Quality Evaluation, Monitoring, and Modeling
  • Site Conceptual Exposure Modeling for "No Further Action" Designation
  • Calculation of Site Specific Target Levels

PST Management & Remediation Consulting

Data collected during post-closure assessments is used to inform and develop remedial (clean-up) plans. Extensive knowledge of governmental remediation programs allows our team to develop the most advantageous and cost-efficient course of action for our clients.

TGE Resources frequently performs remediation and Underground Storage Tank closure work coincident withenvironmental due diligence. Contact us to learn more about our UST removal and environmental remediation services.