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Environmental Consulting and Management Services

Groundwater & Wastewater Recovery and Treatment

Groundwater and Wastewater Recovery

TGE Resources is a premier provider of groundwater and wastewater treatment system engineering design, implementation, and monitoring. Utilizing our scientific and technical expertise, the TGE team develops practical and economically conscientious solutions for groundwater recovery and treatment.

Industrial Wastewater and Groundwater Treatment

Our location in Houston, one of the most important industrial bases in the world, in addition to our expertise and experience with managing large-scale projects, has made TGE a preferred resource for industrial and manufacturing water treatment systems. Working in coordination with regulatory agencies, engineers, and construction services, our personnel designs and employs sustainable and cost-efficient treatment solutions.

Groundwater and Wastewater Recovery

In addition to initial design, we coordinate with our trusted vendors to implement groundwater and wastewater treatment systems and remediation solutions to complement our environmental services provided to diverse clients throughout the regulated industry. All of our solutions are designed to meet industry standards and federal, state and local regulations, and to limit disruption of ongoing operations.

Developing groundwater and wastewater treatment solutions can be simple and cost-effective if you are paired with the right environmental firm.Contact TGE to learn more about putting our environmental remediation experience to work for you.