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Environmental Consulting and Management Services

Regulator and Community Interaction

Asbestos remediation

Environmental concerns affect more than just your business; they often also affect the surrounding physical environment and community. At times it may be necessary to communicate information regarding the physical state of the environment or activities associated with environmental actions to employees and the community. As a premier environmental consulting firm, we provide our clients with liaison services to handle communications and notices to employees and surrounding communities in order to effectively communicate essential information without creating unnecessary fear or panic. We also handle communications and negotiations with regulatory agencies on behalf of our clients.

TGE as a Client Representative to Regulatory Agencies

A wealth of experience in environmental sciences, standards across multiple industries, and regulatory compliance provide TGE with the knowledge required to properly represent our clients when interaction with contractors, regulators, and community leaders is necessary.

Our commitment to delivery of the highest quality services allows our clients to avoid fees associated with missed deadlines and misinterpretation of compliance standards. TGE has managed client interactions with the following regulatory agencies:

  • OSHA
  • EPA
  • TCEQ
  • State Regulatory Agencies Nationwide


Reporting to regulators and engaging in responsible communication with third parties is a part of TGE’s responsibility as your project manager. For more information about our streamlined and cost-effective environmental solutions, please contact TGE Resources.