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Environmental Consulting and Management Services

Environmental Compliance Consulting

TGE is a top provider of comprehensive Environmental Compliance and Hazardous Materials Management consulting and corrective action services. These services are often combined with contracted due diligence services to ensure effective project work on behalf of TGE’s clients without costly delay. TGE is routinely engaged to conduct compliance and waste management consulting during real estate due diligence of industrial property, including the chemical/petrochemical industry, the commercial marketplace (dry cleaners, specialty chemical manufacturers), up and downstream energy clientele, and associated second-tier supply. TGE’s team of experienced professionals identifies existing and potential compliance concerns; designs and implements strategies to rectify current, non-compliant practices and institute BMPs (best management practices); and coordinates and performs regulatory agency correspondence on behalf of the client.

environmental Compliance Consulting

Strategy Development

A comprehensive understanding of regulations and operational challenges within the industrial and heavy manufacturing sectors provides the TGE team the ingenuity needed to design operational practices to keep our clients in compliance with regulatory standards. TGE’s team of scientists and technicians works with clients to assess potential risks, identify compliance concerns, and develop strategies to prevent violations and hazards.

Corrective Regulatory Compliance Services

Correcting violations and addressing compliance concerns while maintaining operational efficiency requires an experienced team of environmental experts. TGE designs the necessary plans, sets accurate benchmarks, and provides valuable materials management tools to maintain operational efficiency while implementing corrective actions to comply with local, state and federal rules and statutes.

TGE has provided the following environmental compliance-related services specific to the regulated community, to name a few:

  • Waste Management Plan Development, Training and Implementation
  • Used Oil Management Plan Preparation and Implementation
  • Industry-specific Compliance Audits/Screens
  • Designing, Engineering, and Placing Wastewater Treatment Plans
  • Petroleum Storage Tank Retrofit and Removal
  • Stormwater and Wastewater Plan Development, Training and Implementation
  • Corrective Action (cleanup) Compliance, Remediation Management, and Regulatory Case “Closure”
  • Contaminated Site Investigation, Cleanup and Source Identification
  • Custom, Multi-industry Compliance Check-list Generation using Agency-related Tools


To learn more about our environmental compliance strategies for your specific industry, please contact TGE Resources.