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Oilfield & Radioactive (NORM) Waste Management

NORM survey assessment

Oilfield activities may produce Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMs) that must be managed and disposed of utilizing practices and facilities suitable for minimizing risks to human health, safety and the quality of the environment. The regulatory framework for managing and disposing of NORM wastes and materialsis complex and varies from state to state. TGE is unsurpassed in our ability to effectively expedite comprehensive NORM management and consulting services, allowing us to deliver value-added work products to our clients in this sector. Our clients rely on our extensive industry-specific experience and knowledge of regulatory issues to conduct dependable NORM surveys in order to document/refute the presence or magnitude of NORM-contaminated soil and/or equipment.

NORM Surveys and Monitoring

Over the past twenty years, TGE has developed a unique testing and data gathering approach that provides "real-time" identification of NORM affected media and identifies sources of radioactive material that cannot be visually identified. State-of-the-art equipment utilized by a highly trained team allows us to detect radioactivity levels in a variety of media and materials, including oilfield equipment. Once discovered, the volume of affected material is quantified and confirmed by TGE’s proprietary “TINS 1.0” process.

TGE maintains staff and equipment immediately available for mobilization to conduct all elements of NORM consulting and oilfield waste management. Our team is always ready (within 24 hours) to implement the following strategies, to name a few:

NORM Survey Louisiana

  • Facility/Materials Radioactivity Testing and Analysis
  • Waste Management Plan Development
  • Contamination Risk Assessment, Preparation and Implementation
  • Compliance Consulting and Agency Case Coordination
  • Waste Management and Disposal Oversight
  • Remediation Management
  • Compliance Confirmation Testing and Reporting


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