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Petroleum Storage Tank Management

TGE performs numerous underground and aboveground (UST/AST) storage tank-related projects every year, each individually designed to evaluate compliance and operational risk (past or present) with reference to a variety of state and federally-mandated programs. Underground Storage Tank (UST) Management includes an assortment of specialized services such as UST compliance consulting, corrective action project management (site characterization/testing), tank system upgrade (retrofit) management, and closure/removal consulting. UST compliance and removal consulting can be a critical aspect of real estate due diligence when purchase/divestiture of property containing USTs is under consideration. TGE is an experienced provider of UST consulting and frequently provides clients with comprehensive portfolio evaluation prior to purchase/divestiture, as well as single property corrective action investigations. TGE performs all sampling, testing and analysis guaranteeing credible and time efficient results. Upon completion of an assessment, TGE works with clients and subcontractors to implement corrective actions and/or to remove petroleum storage tanks.

Our team provides the industrial and commercial regulated community with the following Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) services:

Petroleum Storage Tank Management and Remediation Consulting

  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting
  • Corrective Action Project Management
  • Site Characterization and Testing
  • Tank System Upgrade (retrofit) Management
  • Compliance Inspections/Audits
  • Routine Monitoring
  • Closure / Removal Consulting


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