TGE Resources, Inc

Environmental Consulting and Management Services

Risk-Based Closure and Remediation Services

A recognized leader in the environmental services industry, TGE consults for and manages remediation and closure efforts for properties with recognized environmental and compliance issues. We work closely with our clients, regulatory agencies, and service companies to determine and then coordinate cost-effective solutions for remediation and closure.

Risk-Based Closure/Remediation and Environmental Due Diligence

Risked Based Closure commercial due diligence

When environmental due diligence investigations reveal contamination, it becomes necessary to consider closure and/or remediation options. TGE’s experienced professionals possess the requisite proficiency and expertise in hydrology/hydrogeology, process design, computer-based modeling, regulatory standards, and remediation technologies to provide innovative and cost-effective strategies designed to best meet client needs and goals.

TGE performs all aspects of closure proceedings without outsourcing any professional services, thereby expediting the closure process and limiting expense to the client.

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