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Soil Vapor: Screening, Risk Management & Mitigation

TGE combines the latest research and techniques to accurately identify vapor-related workplace and building hazards for commercial and heavy industrial properties throughout the US.

Indoor Vapor

Our team uses advanced vapor intrusion/vapor encroachment screening techniques and tools to evaluate the vapor pathway and delineate the plume boundaries. Collateral indoor air vapor characterization assessments and background source evaluations are frequently used to determine the source and course of soil vapor intrusion. In addition to planning and screening, we also engineer and manage mitigation efforts, emphasizing both environmentally sound and cost efficient methods, and use of “multiple lines of evidence”.

Identification and assessment of potential migration pathways of hazardous substances or petroleum products and the potential for adverse effects to human health is an important pre-construction consideration. Our team has proven experience designing and implementing soil vapor barriers to mitigate potential vapor intrusion issues - before your building is even constructed.

Extensive Soil Vapor Mitigation Experience

Indoor Vapor

TGE utilizes its extensive expertise and real-world experience in conjunction with USEPA guidancedocuments, American Society of Testing Materials(ASTM) Vapor Encroachment Screening (VES), andInterstate Technology Regulatory Council (ITRC) guidance to provide accurate and cost-effective vapor intrusion services.

Additionally, TGE’s team of seasoned professionals has worked with numerous clients to fully mitigate affected property using both passive and active engineering measures, which effectively rules out potential vapor concern and hazard.

Please contact TGE at 713-744-5800 if you are interested in soil vapor intrusion consulting services, screenings, risk management, or mitigation oversight.