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Environmental Consulting and Management Services

Disaster Response

Disaster ResponseWhile life is not predictable, your environmental contingency plan should be. The more quickly you can control and halt biological, chemical, radiological, and other hazardous releases, the sooner you can restore operations.

TGE has provided environmental consulting and managed response to a wide range of natural disasters including tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and related biological and chemical hazards. Our proven system provides clients with an efficient, controlled response that drastically reduces negative impacts on the environment and public health.

Prevention and Preparedness

At TGE, our clients rely on us for contingency planning and emergency management to help protect their employees and property - before disaster strikes! TGE collaborates with clients to identify potential vulnerabilities to natural and man-made disasters and to design contingency plans ready for immediate activation under emergency or disaster conditions.

  • Hazard and Risk Assessment and Analysis
  • Buffer Zone Delineation and Protection Planning
  • Preparedness Assessments
  • Initial Response

Following a disaster, the TGE team is available to mobilize to client Sites to manage and implement contingency plans and mitigate disaster related damages. Our specialists offer level-headed critical analysis of the environmental and operational impacts of a disaster, and work to restore client facilities and operational efficiency as quickly as possible.

  • Infrastructure Damage Assessment
  • Forensic Evaluations
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Demolition/Renovation Planning and Management

Remediation: Environmental Management

Once the initial emergency or disaster has passed, cleanup and remediation are the next necessary response actions. TGE professionals develop fully compliant, Site-specific remediation plans and facilitate necessary regulatory permitting, on-site remediation, and pre and post-cleanup media sampling.

  • Capabilities Environmental Sampling/Characterization
  • Monitoring Remediation Efforts
  • Auditing and Post-Remediation Assessments

For Disaster Response guidance, please contact us by calling 281-610-6077 or our toll free number 800-992-8048.