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Indoor Air Pollution: Assessments & Complaint Response

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Business owners and property managers are responsible for ensuring the safety of building occupants and employees against exposure to airborne hazards. TGE provides indoor air quality assessments, consulting, and remediation management for industrial and commercial facilities alike.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Always mindful of minimizing disruption to operations, our experts are available to assist business owners with all IAQ needs. We use the latest technologies to identify contamination sources and conduct comprehensive assessment. In addition to identifying potential vulnerabilities, we also provide moisture mapping services and mold remediation consulting.

Our Indoor Air Quality evaluations are designed to meet the unique needs of each client and include: an assessment of reported symptoms; a walk-through of both affected and unaffected areas; inspection of ventilation systems; water intrusion delineation/visual assessment; use of specialized equipment to assess carbon dioxide concentrations, relative humidity, and temperature within the subject building; performance of asbestos surveys (where necessary); collection of samples; preparation of a mold remediation protocol; and post-remedial clearance testing. We are frequently engaged to perform IAQ services in response to employee complaints; to determine the presence of constituents of concern (COCs) potentially generated during facility operation; to identify the presence of water/mold damage and/or biocontaminated debris or dust; for pre-occupancy assessment intended to identify existing IAQ concerns; as well as for operations planning.

Complaint Response Consulting - Sick Buildings

Air quality, or “sick building” complaints must be dealt with swiftly. TGE utilizes a comprehensive approach to solving air quality problems; we work with clients to mitigate contamination and develop cost-effective and operationally efficient remediation and prevention strategies.

Over the past 20+ years, we have provided confidential Indoor Air Quality services for clients in the industrial, healthcare, public and commercial real estate sectors. Our experience and expertise make TGE an excellent resource for litigation support and expert testimony.

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