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Indoor Vapor Intrusion Screening

Ever-changing indoor air quality regulations make the need for accurate vapor intrusion evaluations particularly important. As a premier industrial hygiene consulting service, TGE provides clients with indoor vapor screenings and mitigation management services. Extensive experience and our customized approach to handling indoor air quality concerns give TGE a competitive edge.

Vapor Intrusion Screening and Evaluations

Indoor Vapor

Over the years, TGE has developed protocols that allow for efficient and accurate evaluations. TGE personnel provide the following vapor intrusion evaluation services in a fashion that minimizes both cost and disruptions to operations:

  • Sampling for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Active, Passive and Ambient Air Quality Sampling
  • Vapor Source Identification
  • Subterranean Fate & Transport Pathway Evaluation
  • Vapor Pathway Risk Assessment
  • Mapping & Modeling of Indoor Air Constituents of Concern (COCs)
  • Engineer’s Certification – During & Post Mitigation

Mitigation Development and Implementation

Our team develops vapor intrusion mitigation plans in accordance with EPA guidelines. Our clients benefit from TGE’s experience and relationships with specialty vendors as well as local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, ensuring that mitigation systems are correctly implemented in a compliant, effective, and cost-efficient manner.

In addition to coordinating and managing vapor intrusion mitigation efforts, TGE facilitates communication between our client, regulators, and the community.

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