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Lead Based Paint Inspections & Remediation Management

Inhalation of lead dust can have serious health consequences. Subsequently, state and federal regulations are in place to control the detrimental effects of lead-based paint on public health.

Lead Based Paint

TGE conducts all elements of lead-based paint inspection, risk evaluation and contractor supervision during abatement. Our experience and use of diagnostic equipment allows our team to provide clients accurate lead content assessments virtually instantaneously.

When Are Lead Paint Inspections Necessary?

Lead-based paint was used in all types of buildings, including commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and residential real estate until 1978. With time, the paint releases lead dust and may result in exposure and lead poisoning. Heavy exposure and ingestion/inhalation of lead has been found to cause a variety of learning and psychological disorders; and impairs functioning of vital organs and cognitive abilities.

A lead-based paint inspection should be conducted anytime one is going to disturb painted surfaces during renovation or demolition of a building. Our professionals can identify the lead content of painted surfaces and guide you throughout the remediation process.

If you are in the process of acquiring new properties, please contact TGE Resources to discuss a lead-based paint inspection.