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George Bush IAH Airport Terminal A Baggage Handling

Client:                  United Airlines
Location:             Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
  • Commercial
  • Transportation
  • Industrial


The presence of regulated/hazardous materials within the pathway of demolition and renovation within active airport facilities, which could lead to increased project cost, delay, and project complexity. The pending project required cross-execution of multiple services while working within highly sensitive and secure zones.

Pre-renovation industrial hygiene survey of airport terminal areas

Industrial hygiene/environmental compliance assessment of airport infrastructure


TGE prepared a sampling plan to perform full scope, pre-renovation industrial hygiene and hazardous materials inventory consulting to meet rigorous client needs.


Project work was completed on time and under budget. TGE achieved the complete removal of all building-related environmental hazards prior to construction or demolition and maximized risk mitigation to the location owner.

Industrial hygiene/environmental compliance assessment within airport operations areas


Baggage handling equipment to be replaced


Industrial hygiene/environmental compliance assessment of airport terminal baggage handling areas