Client: Transwestern Development Company

Location: Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Markets: Construction | Site Development | Commercial


Planned redevelopment of a long-term-use retail fuel (gas)
station in a high visibility area of Harris County, Houston. The site
had previously been recorded with hydrocarbon contamination.
and a non-compliant car wash; the car wash had been
abandoned for many years and its inventory of regulated
materials remained. The property also included a contiguous
(vacant) tract with an apparent (mapped) wetlands area, slated
for proposed development. All property improvements
(buildings), any hazardous materials, and existing environmental
conditions required removal/management on a compressed
timeline to ensure successful project execution driven by the
needs of a single-occupant/Fortune 500 tenant.

Former fuel PST location – PST compliance inspection

Due Diligence assessment adjacent to fuel tanks


Once comprehensive due diligence was complete by TGE, we
prepared a strategic plan driven by concurrent task execution
and strict project timelines. Our client approved our “order of
operations”, which ensured that regulated materials were
removed, tank systems excavated/closed, asbestos and other
building-related materials abated, and buildings demolished
without incident or events of delay. TGE addressed the wetland
concern under United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
compliance, coordinated with construction crews to prepare the
site for construction.


A “clean-closed” commercial property that met client
requirements for Class-A commercial use with no continuing
obligations, deed notice, or environmental conditions

Site redevelopment with multi-story office building


Full facility demolition following asbestos survey and regulated material disposal


TCEQ-compliant PST removal, confirmation testing, and reporting