Client: Emerus Hospitals

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

Markets: Construction | Healthcare


Planned redevelopment of a 1960s-era automobile dealership
property with extensive vehicle service/body shops and an
adjoining former retail gas station tract. Following purchase, the
dealership was to have three existing structures demolished for
redevelopment as an emergency care hospital and medical office
building. Obstacles included:
  • The presence of 35+ in-ground hydraulic lifts, an oil-water separator, historic septic tanks, petroleum hydrocarbon ASTs, and numerous regulated/hazardous chemicals
  • The presence of asbestos-containing materials within existing site structures

Due diligence assessment of site soil

Assessment of soils adjacent to in-ground hydraulic lifts


Thorough due diligence assessments and hazardous materials
inventory was performed. Given progressive site development
that preceded demolition, asbestos and other hazardous
materials required turn-key removal prior to demolition. TGE
expedited seamless abatement of all hazardous materials within
the buildings. Prior to building demolition, all 35+ in-ground
hydraulic lifts, service bay trench drains, oil-water separators,
and septic systems at the site were properly removed and
affected property remediated. TGE engineered a vapor intrusion
mitigation system, which was installed with engineering oversight
and post-construction system testing to demonstrate compliance
and occupant safety.


TGE’s efforts were successful in enabling site redevelopment with
fully compliant asbestos abatement, expedited regulatory case
closure for impacted soil, and the installation of engineering
controls within the newly-constructed sensitive use building to
protect the health of building occupants/patrons.

Removal of in-ground hydraulic lifts


Pre-demolition asbestos abatement within two buildings


Complete facility demolition for redevelopment


Design, installation, and testing of a sub-slab Vapor Intrusion Mitigation System


Completed emergency care facility