Client: National Banking Firm

Location: Laredo, Texas, U.S.A.

Markets: Commercial


The presence of 2+ feet of accumulated free-floating gasoline on
the shallow ground water table beneath this 1960s vintage
multi-story branch bank, under continuous occupant/employee
complaint of gasoline odor. Confirmed “real time” finding of
elevated hydrocarbon vapor within the building envelope; and,
the presence of 4+ contiguous historical fuel facilities and one
current service station adjoining the property – all claiming no
ownership of the hydrocarbon release.

Bank lobby

Industrial Hygiene work throughout bank lobby


TGE performed full scope assessment of the site and near
property historical review; performed engineering and forensic
study; executed “immediate measures” (which involved asbestos
abatement consulting) and long-term, corrective actions to
control vapor intrusion; prepared detailed cost estimates;
performed extensive and multiple depositions as fact and expert
witness; and prepared for trial prior to case settlement.


Coordinated successful vapor intrusion mitigation during
ongoing corrective action by multiple responsible parties. TGE
conducts periodic assessment and peer review of routine
deliverables while remediation continues.

Basement mechanical room


Due Diligence assessment related to adjacent retail fuel station


Extensive groundwater impact demonstrates multiple releases in area