Client: SunCoast Resources, Inc.

Location: Midland, Texas, U.S.A.

Markets: Construction | Site Development


  • All work was expedited to meet client-driven timelines to begin operation at the site
  • Planned acquisition and post purchase expansion of this commercial warehouse property in Midland, Texas
  • Construction and subsequent expansion of Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) tank farms for storage of lubricants and fuels
  • Facility addition of truck/trailer maintenance/repair
  • Expedited construction of a truck wash equipped with a grit trap and oil-water separator
  • Addition of employee housing with associated potable water wells and septic systems

Lubricants AST tank farm undergoing expansion

On-site truck and trailer maintenance/repair


Comprehensive due diligence (Phase I and Phase II ESAs),
compliance review, industrial hygiene surveys, and seamless
communication to facilitate client’s purchase of the facility and
transfer of terminal operations from a previous location in
Midland to the client.


Expedited assessment and facility expansion/construction for use
as a large-scale, regional bulk fuel and lubricants terminal.

Newly constructed 40,000-gallon fuel ASTs


Fuel AST tank farm undergoing expansion


Temporary fuel storage in Frac Tanks


Customer/facility regulated wastes storage