Client: Memorial Hermann Healthcare System

Location: Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Markets: Construction | Healthcare


During Tropical Storm Allison, the Houston Medical Center
experienced massive flooding and the complete shut-down of
this full service teaching Hospital and Trauma Center – for the
first time since its circa-1900 opening. Herman was the only
facility serving the Houston Medical Center with key critical
services such as patient burn care, shock trauma care, and NICU
until operations could be reestablished. The disaster especially
struck the three basement levels housing critical laboratories and
vital services including pathology and hematology with sustained
flooding. The location experienced a complete loss of power,
fresh water supply, and emergency services including Life Flight;
time was of the essence to save lives.

Fully flooded basement laboratory following de-watering

Extensive cleanup of hazardous/biohazardous wastes throughout basement levels


TGE served as First Responders on behalf of Memorial Hermann
Healthcare for over 3 months (24/7), devising remediation and
engineering strategies to sanitize trapped storm water prior to
municipal discharge under scrutiny by the public and press. TGE
was first to enter all affected areas to identify hazards, plan
emergency mitigations, pre-screen areas for scope planning, and
direct clean-up contractors in executing industrial hygiene and
environmental compliance strategies to manage regulated,
hazardous, and biological wastes. Operations necessitated:


  • Preparation and execution of sanitization strategies and confirmatory testing for potable water systems and biologically contaminated wastes
  • Preparation and oversight of medical gas system sanitization and performance testing with specialty vendors
  • Assisting healthcare professionals in accessing and decontaminating key, irreplaceable equipment from sub-basement areas
  • Preparation of work plans for removal and lab packing of pharma from restricted/controlled areas
  • Preparation of pathway of demolition plans and specifications for asbestos, mold, hazardous materials inventory, and removal of impacted materials and wastes


With TGE on the team, the facility began certain critical services
within 3 months of the storm/complete shut-down. Expedited
re-opening was possible once TGE’s clearance sampling proved
each key area was ready for re-use.

Tropical Storm Flooding Emergency Response, Houston Medical Center, Texas


Fully flooded basement laboratory following de-watering


Basement laboratory hazardous wastes


Fully flooded basement laboratory following de-watering