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Environmental compliance is dynamic, evolving, and ever expanding; demystifying compliance legislation on an industry-specific basis is often challenging for the regulated public. TGE’s team of environmental compliance specialists works closely with clients to identify, prioritize, and act upon greatest needs in industry.

Facility Compliance Reviews & Audits

Compliance work begins with understanding the client’s industry and its unique needs. Our work is end-results-driven and confidential. We use plain English and leverage tools and knowledge that identify operations-specific requirements to close compliance gaps; we improve efficiency and save clients’ money. Work scopes can satisfy singular needs or may be comprehensive. We identify priorities, present options, reference specific statutes with clarity, and consider business impact in action plan development.

Plan Development

TGE’s team of engineers and environmental specialists have prepared and reviewed hundreds of industry-specific federal, state, or local environmental program documents for active industry. With time-saving tools, we manage requirements under SARA Title III (the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act) and Toxic Release Inventory, Spill Contingency Plans for hydrocarbon storage (SPCCs), Stormwater Runoff Plans (SWP3), Air Permits and Permits by Rule (PBRs), and comprehensive Resource Conservation and Recovery (RCRA) programs.

Compliance Representation & Implementation Training

Certain clients self-execute compliance programs while others choose assistance in program implementation and compliance monitoring, commonly under retainage. TGE adds value to program implementation, especially in response to agency-issued violation. TGE will report directly to agencies on our client’s behalf, oversee implementation training, perform compliance sample collection, complete inspection forms, and complete routine filing with regulatory agencies.