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Environmental engineering may be integrated with TGE’s services to answer client need. Engineering strategies control and mitigate exposure to human health and the environment.

Affected Property Solutions

Due diligence work may reveal affected (contaminated) property. TGE’s affected property engineering work has involved innovative design of mitigations to control contaminant exposure to humans and the environment.

Vapor Intrusion Mitigation (VIM)

TGE offers over 20 years of engineering design and installation oversight experience to safely manage property with former gas stations, dry cleaners, industrial property, and adjoining high-risk concerns.  Whether an existing building or a planned structure, we apply industrial hygiene, geoscience, and engineering solutions to mitigate vapor risk for even the most contaminated property. TGE’s vapor mitigation strategies have spanned from the active oil field to highly urbanized commercial property.

Design & Permitting

Within the regulated community, certain operations and property uses require engineering controls to minimize the release of toxic substances to the air, surface water, or solid waste streams. This is typically performed to meet permit limitations imposed by a regulating agency or to save resources. TGE is uniquely familiar with requirements across industry and the design-to-retrofit process; engineering review is typically integrated into TGE’s Compliance work, making permit applications seamless for active operations.