Client: Confidential Charitable Foundation

Location: Richmond, Texas, U.S.A.

Markets: Construction | Site Development | Commercial


Under emergency response and dual agency Notice of Violation
(NOV), a massive volume of solid waste was discovered within a
remote area of Fort Bend County along the Brazos River in
Southeast Texas. Once confirmed as client’s land, it was
determined that this waste was disposed (by unknown parties)
over a period of ~20 years; it completely filled a steeply sloped,
broad, 75-foot deep ravine (having characteristically unstable
soils) and ultimately discharged waste into the sensitive Brazos
River, especially following heavy rains. Once investigated, the
waste presented multiple safety and environmental hazards, and
ongoing risk to the sensitive local environment. All waste would
require removal, proper transport, and regulated disposal. The
charitable foundation required “clean closure” certification,
without exception.

Debris accumulation in 75-foot deep ravine

Excavation and segregation of regulated wastes


TGE implemented immediate measures to minimize waste
discharge to the river;
  • Conducted comprehensive due diligence, historical research, and thoroughly evaluated the site’s original (pre-trespass) and current physical setting
  • Prepared a comprehensive remedial action plan integrated with sophisticated engineering controls (shoring and terracing) to simulate pre-disposal reclamation of the ravine
  • Performed geophysical screening for buried tanks/regulated structures
  • Prepared volume estimates utilizing statistical modeling
  • Evaluated and devised concurrent disposal options for various waste “streams”
  • Prepared a benchmark-driven time line for completion of the work
  • Evaluated job hazards and prepared contingency plans
  • Finalized and formally presented the plan, budget, and schedule for full board/trustee consideration
  • With full board authorization, TGE executed the plan as proposed and worked closely with the Executive Director, dual agency personnel, and the local community.


Concurrent application of engineering controls, near “surgical”
waste excavation, sorting/characterization, implementation of
site-specific safety measures, and continual site grading (to
manage/control stormwater flow), allowed full removal of the
waste. Removal was followed by required confirmation testing,
and careful reclamation of the ravine area to pre-disposal
On time, under budget, successful regulated removal of over 19,000 cubic yards of solid waste under sophisticated engineering design; resulting in final slope integrity and non-conditional “clean closure” through both Fort Bend County and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The Foundation received a letter of commendation from the County for the professional manner in which the matter was handled. No fines were levied and the NOVs were canceled thereafter.

Designed slope of ravine following debris removal


Regulated wastes within debris


Engineered excavation in tiers


Designed slope of ravine following debris removal