Client:Mantle Oil & Gas & Grand Gulf Energy (Australia)

Location: South Louisiana (Napoleonville), U.S.A

Markets: Energy | Transportation | Industrial


  • On land oil well Blow-Out Preventer (BOP) failure at completion
  • $2M+ crude reserve loss
  • 6M+ sugar cane crop loss
  • Imminent risk to sensitive recreational lakes & wetlands
  • 5M+ tenant farmer & land owner lawsuits
  • Multiple class action lawsuits (tort)
  • Dual agency violations & extensive fines/penalty
  • Extensive natural resources damage on and off leased property

Decimated cane crop and crude

Aftermath of the well blowout


  • Containment, reclamation, & expedited site characterization for released reserves via comprehensive Environmental Due Diligence
  • Innovative Environmental Engineering solutions to control crude release & manage contaminated media
  • Employed tenant farmers & local equipment and resources to manage high costs
  • Utilized plants (phytoremediation) to meet aggressive Remediationobjectives; conducted ongoing Industrial Hygienemonitoring to demonstrate effective controls
  • Provided Litigation Support and expert witness to control losses & drive fact-based defense


  • Zero permeant loss of available farmland for future use
  • Zero removal of surface/subsurface soil to landfilling or off property disposal
  • 100% use of natural and “green” Remediation methods
  • Maximum recovery of 10s of thousands of released reserves for beneficial use & control of wastes to minimize loss

Remediation and successfully replanted cane field


Ground zero and runoff retention