Client: Confidential Bulk Fuel Wholesaler/Transporter

Location: Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Markets: Construction | Site Development | Industrial | Transportation | Energy


Directives to deliver a comprehensive environmental report with
full scope due diligence (concurrent Phase I and Phase II ESAs),
industrial hygiene assessment, and hazardous materials inventory.
Delivery of a highly reliable cost estimate to be used at closing
for property acquisition and expedited site use by client – TGE’s
work was to be performed with 10 working days of notice.

Former heavy machinery service areas

Heavy machinery test equipment


TGE prepared a work plan that proposed performance of multiple
service segments concurrently. We leveraged our vendor pool of
highly skilled drillers and laboratories, and executed field work
with multi-credentialed staff, addressed locations of affected
property and prepared cost estimates to address owner


TGE’s work was submitted on time and on budget. Our client was
satisfied and fully apprised of site conditions; they realized a
reduction in the purchase price of the property due to the need
to address environmental requirements. The closing commenced
and met expectations of all parties.

Performance of concurrent due diligence assessments


Former machinery/equipment test vat


Performance of concurrent due diligence assessments