Client: Memorial Hermann Healthcare System (MHHS)

Location: Kingwood, Texas, U.S.A.

Markets: Construction | Healthcare


Hurricane Harvey flooding inundated this newly-constricted,
critical care medical center with over 5 feet of water for more
than 2 weeks. Hurricane-force winds “lifted” the roof membrane,
leading to additional water intrusion from above. Flooding
destroyed newly-installed MRI and CAT scan machinery before
they could be used; and resulted in the initial removal of all
contents and building finishes up to 7 feet throughout the first
floor. Complete loss of power and HVAC threatened building
finishes further and other equipment and supplies within the
second floor. It was imperative to maintain acceptable conditions
within the second floor and meet hospital infection control
standards prior to and during the first floor rebuild.

Initial removal of first floor finishes following Hurricane Harvey flooding

Further mold growth on surfaces above 7’ within the first floor


TGE served as the sole consultant for MMHS and coordinated
with hospital personnel and remediation contractors over an
8-month facility recovery period. TGE completed an expedited
industrial hygiene disaster recover assessment for asbestos,
mold, and bacteriological impact. Assessment findings were
instrumental in establishing environmental compliance strategies
and implementing detailed remediation protocols.


Through diligent implementation of remediation protocols, daily
project oversight, inspection of remediation progress, and
routine updates to client personnel, TGE was able to guide the
complete removal, cleaning, and sanitation of the facility for
rebuild, including the first floor emergency room, physical
therapy areas, and sensitive use areas for successful re-opening
in 2018.

Mold/bacteriological remediation within the first floor


Complete removal of first floor build-out prior to reconstruction


Protection/maintenance of second floor medical office equipment


Infrared photograph depicting window frame water leak


Complete roof replacement in accordance with written protocol to maintain second floor conditions