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Periodic heavy rains and the high humidity of Southeast Texas, combined with site-specific factors and hidden building defects, can lead to indoor mold if left unattended. Mold will cause pervasive damage, impact the health and comfort of sensitive populations, and result in otherwise avoidable mold remediation.

Mold can create health issues and stigmatize real estate. If mold is of concern, contact TGE Resources Inc. (TGE) for professional mold inspection and testing services. It can be confusing to know where to turn if you suspect mold-related problems. It’s important to take the right steps for a mold survey and inspection in your home or commercial building and whether a report and protocol for mold remediation are warranted. It is vital to engage a mold assessor that is entirely independent of related trades, who is not outcome-driven to expand the work and can communicate results. TGE is that firm. We license and train our in-house staff, we engage qualified, third-party laboratories, issue fact-based, peer-reviewed reports, and do not forward an agenda of unnecessary and expensive mold remediation. TGE is unbiased, knowledgeable, experienced, and available to explain the process of mold inspection, mold reporting, and protocol development. If mold remediation is indicated, we communicate expectations to avoid unnecessary delays, cost escalations, and a quality-driven outcome. For these reasons, property owners, attorneys, and underwriters turn to TGE and why we are considered the premier mold consultant in Houston and surrounding areas.

When Mold Inspection May Be Needed

Clients reach out to TGE for mold-related services for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Strange or musty smell
  • Visible mold growth
  • Litigation concerns
  • To review and/or rebut the work of others
  • To investigate for construction defects
  • To gather data regarding unexplained health complaints & disagreeable symptoms
  • To provide a “Mold Check” for real estate
  • To investigate for water incursion & suspicion of hidden residual moisture
  • In advance of real estate transactions / new property purchase
  • When Mycotoxin exposure is of concern
  • To gain peace of mind in your home or workplace/property

Our professional mold inspection, testing, and consulting service area relies on 28+ years of continual firm practice. Our work is performed by only licensed professionals that are qualified and driven to identify the source of mold, its location and extent, and the root cause that allowed mold to advance. With site-specific knowledge, we prepare a clear and concise mold remediation protocol to direct a contractor of your choice to efficiently remove mold-damaged materials and assist in rectifying conditions that caused mold in the first place.

Why Professional Mold Testing is Important

Molds are a natural and beneficial part of our environment. Still, when conditions persist that are “right” for mold growth indoors, and these conditions are not corrected quickly, mold will advance and may cause severe damage to your property. We suspect active growth sources when certain mold varieties are reported in out-of-range values in lab reports prepared from samples that we collect, especially under observed field evidence of moisture. Water-thriving molds are commonly associated with adverse health effects, especially for a susceptible and vulnerable population that may be very young, elderly, or affected by mold toxins due to compromised immunity. We know that people hear of (and fear) the presence of Stachybotrys (“black mold”), Aspergillus, and other high-moisture molds; these molds have been widely publicized and have sadly been leveraged unprofessionally. While these molds should never dominate indoor air or be reported by our third-party lab as atypically thriving beyond average outdoor/indoor values, our forensic-based mold field inspection pinpoints the likely source of moisture damage from which these molds thrive. We do this with the least amount of damage possible to your property. Once the source is found, damaged materials are isolated for removal, the origin of the moisture eliminated, and typical indoor air conditions normalized.

TGE leverages a practical, fact-based approach to mold assessment, and we recommend post-assessment remediation only when conditions are found that justify the disruption that remediation can cause. Our remediation protocols follow state law, we direct mold contractors to follow a specific work scope, and we specify site-specific criteria and work objectives that must be met. Once the work is said to be complete, we inspect and test the contractor’s work for compliance and prepare a clear and concise post-remediation report. We do not promote or receive referrals from mold abatement contractors, we maintain strict independence throughout the process, we retain necessary credentials and knowledge, and we strive to educate our clients while minimizing the fear of the unknown.

Why Hire TGE Resources?

  • We are fully licensed, credentialed, and insured.
  • We have been in continuous business for 28+ years.
  • Our inspectors are degreed, experienced, and qualified.
  • We can provide litigation support and expert witness services, if needed.
  • We can provide quick turn-around on reports and results.
  • Our mold inspection and testing reports are clear, unbiased, and fact-based.
  • Our fees are fair, and our reputation for quality is excellent.
  • We are highly rated and trusted – reports are lender & underwriter-accepted.
  • Our services include mold assessment and testing; remediation protocol reports; mold clearance testing.

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