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An industrial hygiene worker wearing a bright construction vest and personal protective equipment (PPE) mask, along with goggles. The worker is prepared for safety in a hazardous environment, ensuring protection against potential workplace hazards.

Safeguarding Worker Health

Safe Industrial Hygiene practices protect workers and increase productivity by identifying and controlling workplace hazards. This post explores the significance of industrial hygiene and its impact on workers and businesses. Protecting Worker Health – Industrial hygiene focuses on identifying and...
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UPDATE: Earth Day 2021

TGE Was Part Of A 1 million Volunteer Great Global Cleanup! TGE’s Earth Day Cleanup Event made it on the map! Check it out, below. Because of volunteers, The Great Great Global Cleanup has grown into the world’s largest coordinated volunteer event!  By volunteering and cleaning up, you are...
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Earth Day 2021

Happy Earth Day, 2021!! TGE Resources, Inc. staff participated in a local trash cleanup for Earth Day 2021! Careless disposal along our roadways is both unsightly and unhealthy. While removing a truckload of litter was a good effort, it also allowed for team building on a beautiful day! We enjoyed r...
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