TGE is now an AVETTA-Approved & Discoverable Supplier!

In January 2019, one of TGE’s longest term (original) environmental facilities management clients (a bank with over 800 locations nationwide) announced the selection of BGIS to manage the bank’s full portfolio and vendor community. BGIS requires comprehensive vendor prequalification review and approval through Avetta, a global leader in supply chain risk management solutions. Without limitation, by March 2019, TGE met the extensive requirements and submission mandates to continue ongoing work. As a bonus, because Avetta is the leader in cloud-based supply chain risk management, TGE is now “discoverable” and accessible to 300+ Avetta clients in addition to our original client – we hope this will further our success in this key market and service segment. Under ever-growing industry pressures to reduce fees below margins, we have learned that Avetta levels the playing field and decreases the chance of TGE getting underbid by unsafe suppliers. While the process was rigorous, we are proud to have met supplier prequalification and regulatory compliance requirements set by our valued client through these high-profile, respected companies.