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TGE brings 25+ years of affected property clean-up experience. We prepare, design, and permit efficient remediation systems, corrective action plans, and operations and maintenance plans as well as manage waste streams and report to regulatory agencies. We reduce client burden and anxiety; we leverage working relationships with vetted vendors and regulatory agency contacts across the U.S.

Emergency Response & Gross Recovery

When spills of hydrocarbons or chemicals occur from tanks, pipelines, containers, or even oil wells, TGE responds on an emergency basis with expertise, tools, and vendor resources. Given extensive project experience across the U.S. within active-use facilities (up to downstream), within bulk terminals and retail settings, and within special use properties, TGE responds with urgency and innovation to control the release and minimize loss.

Soil & Groundwater Recovery/Corrective Action

TGE’s team of professional geoscientists and engineers will recommend both innovative and cost-effective strategies to recover residual contamination at an affected property. Vacuum trucks, absorbent booms, pads, manual bailing, or skimmers are mobilized. Automated systems and operations and maintenance may also be utilized, as well as Mobile Dual Phase Extraction, an often cost-effective approach to address soil vapor and residual contamination.

Soil Vapor & In Situ Treatment

In certain situations, design and installation of a long-term soil vapor extraction and vapor mitigation system is indicated; or, injection of chemical to oxidize organic contamination in situ is warranted to address affected property. TGE brings these technologies and other innovative strategies to client projects to expedite closure. In the oilfield, and depending upon the project setting, remediation methods such as landfarming, bioremediation, and phytoremediation (using plants to uptake contamination) are routinely used by TGE to expedite projects to completion and to save resources.

Risk-Based Closure & Monitored Natural Attenuation

Risk-based closure can be used once all exposure pathways have been addressed and determined “incomplete” (acceptable). When it makes no practical sense to continue remediation, periodic monitoring (and modeling) is used to demonstrate that residual groundwater contamination is stable and/or declining. TGE’s experience with risk-based remediation and collaborative agency concurrence has proven successful for affected property at a variety of industries across the U.S.

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMs) Specialty Services

With TGE’s extensive oilfield experience, and with knowledge related to process waste streams, TGE offers national and international, turn-key experience in screening for, characterizing, and remediating NORM contamination from industrial-use oilfield-related property. TGE has performed an excess of 500 NORM screens and assessments using expedited “same day” results and comprehensive reports, inclusive of remediation cost estimates.