Location: Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Markets: Construction | Site Development | Commercial


Planned development of medical office buildings atop a
landfilled canal area previously associated with long-term boat
manufacturing, abandoned industrial equipment, and prior use in
vehicle repair. Complicating factors also included extensive
overgrowth, the potential presence of endangered species, and
post-hurricane property damage.

Project site often over-grown by native vegetation

Installation of a soil gas (methane) monitoring network


In addition to comprehensive due diligence and program-driven
characterization testing, TGE completed soil vapor assessments
across the site as well as test trenching of the backfilled canal
area to document the extent of on-site impact. TGE performed an
endangered species survey and agency notice prior to initial
clearing. An extensive network of vapor (methane) and
groundwater monitoring wells were installed to document site
An engineered Vapor Intrusion Mitigation System
(VIMS) was designed and installed coincident with construction
to monitor actual soil vapor concentrations over an extended time
period within the “footprints” of the medical office buildings.


TGE demonstrated protective conditions this resulted in
regulatory case closure. TGE’s efforts documented the presence
of environmental concerns early in the construction design
process, which allowed for timely project success.

Undeveloped 19-acre Tract; Miami, Florida


Above-grade soil gas monitoring well


Real-time soil gas monitoring


Conducted systematic test trench excavations