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Litigation Support

Our litigation support and expert witness work has been applied across all TGE service areas over the last 25+ years. TGE’s senior management team serves as fact witness for our own projects and expert witness for litigation upon request and prequalification.

  • We are practicing environmental experts. We bring relevancy to solicited engagement.
  • We maintain a high level of capability because we continue to work in industry.
  • We recognize that any project assignment from day to day has the potential to involve costly third-party litigation regardless of the quality of our work.
  • We continually do our part to exercise a high standard of care in executing our technical work with client litigation risk being a consideration.
  • With approximately equal defense and plaintiff representation, our environmental cases have involved highly contaminated real estate, diverse building science complaints, potential exposures to hazardous materials, and a wide variety of specialized concerns.
  • Practicing TGE experts have extensive experience in pre-trial discovery and deposition, multi-venue trial testimony experience, and we have been vetted to serve.