UPDATE: Earth Day 2021

TGE Was Part Of A 1 million Volunteer Great Global Cleanup!

TGE’s Earth Day Cleanup Event made it on the map! Check it out, below.

Because of volunteers, The Great Great Global Cleanup has grown into the world’s largest coordinated volunteer event! 

By volunteering and cleaning up, you are not only improving your local environment, you’re also bringing your community together to accomplish common goals. 

This is a powerful thing to do and I hope your experience with cleanups inspires you to continue to stand up for your community and advocate for your local environment. If we all do this locally, we can make big changes globally. 

This year, The Great Global Cleanup counted over a million volunteers at over 5,000 cleanups  in 105 countries! Check out your cleanup on our map! In a challenging year for all, the time, effort and dedication put into this year’s event is an inspiration for everyone here at EARTHDAY.ORG

The Great Global Cleanup mission is to serve all the volunteers that help grow the cleanup movement, and to promote policies that reduce and eliminate waste at its source.

This is not easy. So let’s keep working together!

Tell companies that make products you use that you care about reducing packaging and waste. Speak out in support of local and national plastic bans and efforts to reduce waste. Support durable, recyclable, compostable, renewable, and recycled packaging that use less fossil fuel–derived plastic.

Let’s continue to create clean communities in every country, city and village around the world.